September 2009 - Minds in Bloom

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Have you ever thought about using a shoe box as a journal? I bet not! Read this tutorial for how to use a shoe box as a journal--let students get creative and put real items in there, instead of just writing in a journal!

Try a Shoe Box Journal

A journal doesn’t have to be recorded in a book or on a computer. Here is a great journal project for collectors, pack rats, and reluctant journalists. Here is what you will need: A box of ziplock sandwich baggies A pack of 3×5 index cards (colors are nice) A pen or pencil A Sharpie or other permanent marker A shoe box Here is what you

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Journaling Inspirations

Journaling Inspirations

The unexamined life is not worth living. -Socrates Journaling is a great way to explore thoughts, beliefs, opinions, and feelings. Consistent journalists will improve their writing skills, as well. A journal can be valuable simply as a record of what has occurred in a day, but it can be much more than that. Here are some ideas for when you get stuck. These ideas are aimed

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Using Analogies

    keyboard : computer : : pen : ____________ Thanksgiving Analogies Analogies like the ones above require you to analyze a pair of pictures or words to find a connection (or sometimes more than one connection) and apply that connection to a new pair. Doing analogies is a good idea because:   Analogies are a great way to improve analytical thinking, verbal comprehension, and

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