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8 Ways to get Creative and Critical Thinking into your Busy Day

You have an overflowing curriculum and not nearly enough time to get to it all. But you also know the value of Creative and Critical Thinking. Here are some fun ways to sneak more of them into your day without sacrificing much-needed time. Start with a Question Put a “Would You Rather…” or poll-type opinion question on a corner of the white board each morning with a

Have you ever thought about using a shoe box as a journal? I bet not! Read this tutorial for how to use a shoe box as a journal--let students get creative and put real items in there, instead of just writing in a journal!

Try a Shoe Box Journal

A journal doesn’t have to be recorded in a book or on a computer. Here is a great journal project for collectors, pack rats, and reluctant journalists. Here is what you will need: A box of ziplock sandwich baggies A pack of 3×5 index cards (colors are nice) A pen or pencil A Sharpie or other permanent marker A shoe box Here is what you

Journaling Inspirations

Journaling Inspirations

The unexamined life is not worth living. -Socrates Journaling is a great way to explore thoughts, beliefs, opinions, and feelings. Consistent journalists will improve their writing skills, as well. A journal can be valuable simply as a record of what has occurred in a day, but it can be much more than that. Here are some ideas for when you get stuck. These ideas are aimed

Using Analogies

    keyboard : computer : : pen : ____________ Thanksgiving Analogies Analogies like the ones above require you to analyze a pair of pictures or words to find a connection (or sometimes more than one connection) and apply that connection to a new pair. Doing analogies is a good idea because:   Analogies are a great way to improve analytical thinking, verbal comprehension, and

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