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Desk arrangement is one of the most important components of classroom management. Read Rachel's thoughts and suggestions about desk arrangement to help you find what works in your classroom.

The Creative Classroom – Desk Arrangment

  Tristan, Alex, Lucy, and Kayla really needs to sit near the front, if you want them to focus. You can’t put Ashley next to any of her friends – which is most of the girls in the class – because she will constantly talk to them. No one wants to sit next to Bradley.

The REALLY Long List is a fantastic creative writing idea for the classroom. I provide several ideas for how you can use this list and what its theme can be. Your students will love the REALLY long list and will sure want it as a keepsake!

Creative Writing: The Really Long List

Remember this book? It first came out in 1990 and inspired countless teachers to have their students make their own Really Long Lists of things to be happy about. That is a great idea for several reasons: NOTE: As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. Keeping a Really Long List over time will result

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