Emotions in Teaching

Pick an Emotion – Boredom Doesn’t Count

When I was in college, I had to take Statistics (Psych major, Ed minor). The professor that taught the class had a reputation for scaring the bejeebies out of his students –  a reputation that turned out to be true. Not looking like you were actively trying to solve whatever problem he presented, was an invitation to ridicule. Voicing that you didn’t understand was worse.


Tears and Hope: A Reflection

I generally keep Minds in Bloom on topic, but I have also said that along with Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking, there should be a third “C” to this blog – Compassionate Thinking. With that in mind, I offer the following, written by my 16 year old son. My Little Moment of Inspiration I am a lucky person I’m smart, not extremely bad looking, and

10 Fun Activities for Dictionary Skills

10 FUN Activities for Dictionary Skills

10 Awesome Dictionary Activities Are you looking for some fun activities for National Dictionary Day? It’s October 16th, which was Noah Webster’s (the father of the American dictionary) birthday! Hopefully, you’ve got dictionaries, maybe even a class set. They are, of course, great for looking up words and you will use them to teach dictionary skills, but there are also other great things you can do

Homework and Cognitive Load Theory

Too Much Homework and Cognitive Load Theory

I am so happy to be hosting my first guest post from the authors of Technology in Class. Technology in Class offers a wealth of information, not just on technology, but also on teaching strategies and education issues. They have a knack for finding lots of useful and interesting links as well. I student taught at a nationally recognized high school for academic excellence.  The

Consider this: Neatness and creativity often can't coexist. If you want your classroom to be a neat one, it likely won't be a very creative one--and vice versa. Remember that creativity is important for helping students to learn, and it shouldn't be omitted due to a need for neatness.

Neatness vs. Creativity

Exactness and neatness in moderation is a virtue, but carried to extremes narrows the mind. -Francois Fenelon Have you ever seen one of those classrooms that is neat to the extreme? Creativity and extreme neatness rarely coexist. Here are some reasons why: Ultra neat classrooms look bare. There isn’t much in the room in terms of art and science supplies or even school supplies above the


How to Talk so Kids will Listen…a Little Reminder

Today I am doing a short presentations about effective ways to communicate with kids, specifically when you want them to do something or want to correct a behavior. I took the strategies I will be covering from the well known book, How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. The picture above  features some of


Blokus 3D – A Chip off the Old Blok

One of our family holiday gifts this year was the Blokus 3D Game. In addition to the strategy element, one of the reasons I enjoy the original Blokus Classics Game so much is that the shapes of the pieces are so appealing.The same holds true for the 3D version. While the classic game pieces are pentominoes, Blokus 3D features the same shapes that can be

Test Taking Strategies

The Three Wrong Choices in Multiple Choice Tests

So, I am reading Rafe Esquith’s Teach Like Your Hair’s on Fire: The Methods and Madness Inside Room 56 (well, actually, I’m listening to it on CD while I drive). I’ll do a review on it when I’m done because I don’t know how anyone can read this book and NOT react to it in some way, probably several ways. But that is for another post.

Send your students on a multiplication scavenger hunt--right in your own classroom! There are tons of things in your classroom that can be turned into multiplication problems, giving your students much-needed practice in multiplying. Check out this list of ideas for a scavenger hunt!

Send Your Kids on a Multiplication Scavenger Hunt

Multiplication problems are hiding all around the classroom, just waiting to be discovered by your students. Next time your class is feeling restless, and you just can’t bear to make them do another set of math problems, give everyone a clipboard (or every pair–this would be a terrific activity to do with a partner) and challenge them to find and solve as many multiplication problems

20 Questions to Ask Students

20 Questions to Ask Kids

One of the best ways to get to know your students is to ask questions.  But of course, they need to be the right questions.  Aim for open-ended, intriguing questions that will get your students to think deeply if you are using them as writing prompts and to interact if you are using them as discussion prompts.  Here are twenty good questions to ask elementary

what are some fun learning games for the classroom?

The Creative Classroom: Puzzles, Brain Teasers, and Games

Maybe you have some challenging puzzles, strategy games, books with logic puzzles, and other fun-yet-educational odds and ends. Consider putting them all in one place and giving the space a name…Brain Gym, The Puzzle Place, Conundrum Corner – you get the idea. By making a Puzzle Place (or whatever you want to call it), you make materials that may have been hidden in a closet

behavior modification

Recreating Yourself

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act, but a habit. -Aristotle Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. -George Bernard Shaw I made what I thought was a relatively small New Years Resolution. It doesn’t take will power, just a little change in how I talk to and about people. Or so I thought. It is January

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