April 2010 - Minds in Bloom

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Most families keep books or odds and ends at their coffee table. Why not make your coffee table a place for a little bit of higher level thinking? These games make great additions to your coffee table for your own family and guests to play.

Higher Level Thinking and Your Coffee Table

Big, expensive books with pretty pictures are nice, but they don’t engage your brain all that much. Consider some of these alternatives for your coffee table. Tangram Puzzles: 500 Tricky Shapes to Confound & Astound Puzzles are always a good thing, and tangrams are great for improving those spatial skills. The shapes are challenging, but not impossible, to solve and since there are only seven pieces,

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Making Text Books Work

Personally, I am not a fan. If I had my way, most of the textbooks bought by school districts would be used as door stops or maybe to hold up shelves. It amazes me how an incredibly interesting topic like pioneers or dinosaurs can be made utterly dull when presented in a textbook. If I were the Queen of Education, then students would participate in

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