Free Word-O-Rama (Similar to Boggle) Task Cards!

Grab this super fun Word-O-Rama Freebie! Word-O-Rama is played like Boggle. Each card is a different game. At a literacy center For fast finishers With partners or small groups (use the same card, score only unique words) As morning work (display for the whole class) Or any time you have a few spare minutes Students can play with or without a time limit. They can

Authentic assessment is an excellent way to determine students' levels of understanding and mastery, but we see it used with less and less frequency after the primary grades. Instead, assessment through standardized testing or multiple choice tests is used. Authentic assessment, on the other hand, can be in the form of projects, portfolios, running records, and other such interactive assessments. Read more about how authentic assessment can be effective in all grades K-12 in this guest post on Minds in Bloom.

Using Authentic Assessment in Your K-12 Classroom

Minds in Bloom is pleased to welcome guest blogger Charity Preston, M.A. She’s writing about authentic assessment and how it can be used in all grades K-12, not just in primary classrooms. Enjoy!   Authentic assessment is basically any type of assessment that is not paper-and-pencil type of testing. It can include projects, portfolios, or running records. I first really used authentic assessment when I student

Play this Harry Potter version of Would You Rather questions! Get your students discussing the story and characters in a new light with these questions.

Harry Potter Would You Rather Questions

You’ve read the books. You have probably seen the movies…so why not try these Harry Potter Would You Rather Questions? Great fun for your and your students! NOTE: As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. Would You Rather… 1 Have Ron for a friend or Have Hermione for a friend 2 Fight the basilisk or Fight a dementor 3 Spend a weekend with Dudley Dursley

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