Every classroom has a rejected or neglected child--really, probably more than one. What can we, as educators, do for these children? How can we learn to recognize and support them? It's important to understand the social hierarchy of your class in order to truly build a positive and welcoming classroom environment.

The Rejected or Neglected Child in Your Class

Ideally, the classroom is a place where everyone is valued and accepted. In reality this is seldom the case. Some children seem to be socially gifted – they know how to work and play with others, and for the most part, they are popular and well liked. For other, less fortunate children, the social world of the classroom and, perhaps more importantly, the playground is

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Find the Teacher’s Mistake!

Here is something fun to try this year: have your students find the teacher’s mistake! Let your (upper elementary or middle school) students know that sometimes you will intentionally make a spelling or grammar mistake on a handout or worksheet. It is their job to find that mistake. They will never know if there is a mistake on any given worksheet – it could come

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How do you generate discussion in your classroom? The same old techniques? I suggest switching things up with "would you rather" questions! These provide excellent opportunities for creative and critical thinking, and they encourage lively discussion and sometimes even debate. This post explores "would you rather" questions, how you can use them, and why you should consider using them. Click through to read more!

Exploring “Would You Rather…” Questions

Would you rather… teach a year of third grade using no books or print media of any kind? or teach a year of third grade using no pencils, whiteboard, or writing materials of any kind? Click the image to get your own free copy of ready-to-use and ready-to-make Would You Rather slides.   “Would you rather…” questions are great for practicing critical thinking because they require

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Get 20 free back to school writing prompts in this post! If that isn't enough, you can check out a bundle of 200 writing prompts and discussion starters!

20 Back to School Writing Prompts

Want to go beyond the classic “What I Did Over Summer Vacation” essay? Try some of these engaging writing prompts.   Who is someone you spent a lot of time with this summer? Describe this person. Where did you go this summer that you have never been before? How did you spend Independence Day? Where did you spend most of your time this summer? Describe

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