Free Jenga Multiplication and Addition Games

Why use flashcards or worksheets to practice basic facts when you can use a game instead? You can use these free fact strips to make Jenga into a game students will love to play again and again. If you don’t have a class Jenga set already, you can probably find one for a dollar or two at a thrift store.     The game requires

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Curiosity and exploration are two essential aspects of learning and development that seem to be slowly disappearing. Our guest blogger shares five tips to foster curiosity that encouraging children to explore, so that they can expand their knowledge and learn intrinsically.

Encouraging Children to Explore: Five Tips to Foster Curiosity

Minds in Bloom is pleased to welcome guest blogger Natalie Hunter, who offers some tips to foster curiosity. I especially appreciate the tips under “Expect More.”   Teachers everywhere, from little red schoolhouses to the top online schools, often struggle to motivate young students to learn from various situations. The answer is not found in a formula of do’s and don’t’s but is cultivated in a relationship.

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Is peer teaching as effective as many teachers think it is? Check out this scenario from the students' perspectives and determine if it really is as effective as it's often touted to be.

Peer Teaching from the Students’ Point of View

Todd Imagine that you are in third grade. You have been struggling over a page of math word problems for the better part of half an hour. You really tried to understand when the teacher was explaining it, but she went through it so fast! You look around and can see that almost everyone else in the class has already finished. You raise your hand

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Fact Swap Freebie!

Here is a fun game you can play with your class to review a unit you are studying or maybe to debrief after a guest speaker, a field trip, or a lesson in which a lot of information has been presented. You could actually play this game on notebook paper or by having students draw a nine-square grid on their papers, or you could download

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Sharing the Love…

I seem to have been blessed with two awards this week, the Versatile Blogger award from Karla over at Life in Special Education and a nomination to for the Top Ten Award from Jen over at Runde’s Room. Thank you both so much! Both of these have rules attached to them, which I am going to blatantly disregard (here are the ones for Versatile Blogger and

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Free Incredible Ideas Ebook!

Looking for some terrific ideas to use in your classroom? This ebook is a compilation of the 40 best ideas that came from the Incredible Ideas contest that I was lucky enough to participate in, along with Shelley Gray (who hosted and put this great book together), Laura Candler, and Denise Boehm.  Inside this 21-page ebook, you will find: Ideas for building community in your classroom

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