Halloween Read Alouds

My Favorite Scary Story to Tell on Halloween

Looking for a spooky story to tell your students? This is my favorite story to tell my students on Halloween! It starts off super spooky and will have your students on the edge of their seat. And with a silly twist at the end, your students will be begging you to tell them another story! Make this Halloween story seem real! The trick to this

Halloween Activities

FREE for Halloween: Fun Scattagories Type Activity!

As if you don’t have enough Halloween freebies already, here is another one! I was actually inspired to make this by a game my friends and I used to play in college called STAMP. This was long before the board game Scattegories came out. We just drew grids on notebook paper and made up our own categories. I adapted that game to create GHOST. You

Halloween Activities

Free Halloween Activity Ideas Ebook!

I compiled this ebook of Halloween Activity Ideas as a little “thank you” to all my followers. Minds in Bloom Newsletter subscribers got it a few days ago, but I want to make sure everyone has a chance to download it, so I am posting it here. If you haven’t subscribed to the newsletter yet, now would be a great time! Every issue is includes freebies like this one,

Halloween Activities

Halloween Fun with Witches’ Brew

Witches’ Brew is such a fun concept to work with because so many disgusting things can go into it. Here are three fun ideas for using Witches’ Brew: Add a Verse Primary students will love Hap Palmer’s song, “Witches’ Brew.” You can see the lyrics and listen to the song right here on Songs for Teaching. In addition to learning the song, you can make up

Laura Candler's Power Reading Workshop: A Step-by-Step Guide

Laura Candler’s Power Reading Workshop

“As you implement the Power Reading Tools and students accept more responsibility for becoming better readers, reading instruction in your classroom will become student-centered rather than teacher-centered. You’ll become a reading coach instead of a reading teacher. In so doing, you’ll empower your students to love reading and to grow as readers.” – Laura Candler When I taught reading, I usually used novels. There were two or three ability-based reading groups each

how to make journal writing more fun for students

How to Write Great Journal Prompts

The other day, my sweetheart’s third grade daughter, Claire, was talking about how much she loves her new teacher. When I asked why, one of the first things she said was, “She makes writing fun! I used to hate writing, but she gives us neat stuff to write about.” When I asked for an example, she enthusiastically told me about how the teacher had them write

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