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Yesterday I was interviewed by the Everett Herald about how I sell teaching products on Teachers Pay Teachers and today I am in the paper! The article is called New Role for Teacher: Selling Lesson Plans. It is mostly accurate, though Deanna Jump has actually made much more than the number given. If you are interested in giving it a try yourself, you can sign up to

Elf Hunt Fun Activity Freebie

FREE Elf Hunt Christmas Week Activity!

Here is a fun game to play with your students during that last week before the holiday break! Just print and cut out the twelve numbered elves and hide them around your classroom.  Tell your students that twelves elves are hiding in the classroom, and it is their job to find them. During the week, students can search for the elves whenever they have a few

Thank You So Very Much

Dear Reader,   I just wanted to take moment to thank you for spending some of your super valuable time here at Minds in Bloom. I love writing this blog, and I love creating teaching materials. Those of you who have purchased my products have made it possible for me to make most of my living doing what I love, and I can’t tell you

Engaging in the arts is undeniably an integral part of children's development. When children participate in different arts, like drawing, painting, or playing instruments, they learn to think in new and creative ways and make connections they otherwise would not have made. Click through to learn more about the importance of the arts in children's development.

The Importance of Arts in Children’s Development

Minds in Bloom is happy to welcome guest blogger Elaine Hirsch! Elaine’s article on art in education is an important reminder why we should not let art go by the wayside, even in the current environment of strict adherence to academic standards and over-testing.   Arts education is an important component of any child’s development because it teaches  teamwork, analytic, and creative skills. These skills

Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving Challenge! Fun and FREE

Click here to get some free Thanksgiving-themed writing paper! Looking for an Engaging Thanksgiving activity? When I first started creating challenge worksheets, I was blown away by how many teachers said they loved them! So, I decided to create a similar activity for Thanksgiving. Your students will love this fun combination of creative thinking, trivia/research, and math. You can use it in class as bell

Six Tips for Making the Most of Pinterest

So why is everyone so crazy about Pinterest? Basically, it is a really easy way to share stuff you find or create yourself online. If you have no idea what I am talking about, here is a beginners guide from Megan at SortaCrunchy that will tell you everything you need to know. If you are already pinning, here are some thoughts about how to get the

FREE: Five Suffix, Prefix and Word Root Worksheets

FREE: Five Suffix, Prefix and Word Root Worksheets

Here are five free worksheets (with answer keys) to use with your class to help reinforce affixes and to introduce word roots. These five worksheets will work fine as stand-alone activities but are actually part of a much larger 40-page prefixes, suffixes, and word roots product. Download this worksheet plus four more right here!  

Activate your students' need for critical thinking and kinesthetic movement by trying some of these 10 more engaging ways to respond. Have them try talking to a partner, using sign language, or giving a thumbs up!

Beyond the Raised Hand: 10 More Engaging Ways to Respond

Teacher talks. Teacher asks a question. Students raise their hands. Teacher calls on students until the correct answer is given. One hundred years ago, students stood up when they gave their answers. That is about the only way this formula has changed. Here are some more engaging ways to respond: Call on students randomly. Popsicle sticks with the students’ names written on them work well for this. You

11-11-11 Challenge – Free Scavenger Hunt Activity!

This year, November 11 is rather a special date…three elevens! 11-11-11 is considered by many to be a particularly lucky number, so this date is considered to be lucky, as well – some would say extremely lucky. 11-11-11 also happens to be my birthday, so I made a fun little birthday present for you and your students. This activity is perfect for grades 3-8 and will

Are your students true—or practiced—extroverts?

Today, Minds in Bloom is thrilled to welcome guest blogger Jen Lilienstein, founder of Kidzmet, a website devoted to making learning fun by meeting the needs of every learner.   One of the things I come across most often in my interactions with both parents and teachers is a misunderstanding of what an introvert truly is. Parents will say things like, “My child is extroverted—she just

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