Make a Dreidel out of a CD!

So, maybe in the old days kids made dreidels out of clay (I think there’s a song about that…), but not only is that difficult and expensive (a kiln isn’t cheap), it would also likely result in a dreidel that would break very quickly. Here is a more modern way to make this traditional Hanukkah toy. You will need: One old CD or DVD Sharpies

Check out this list of freebies for Christmas and Hanukkah activities. Your students will love these activities while they celebrate the holidays!

Christmas and Hanukkah Activities

Just in case you missed them, here are some fun and free Christmas (and Hanukkah) activities to use with your students. Christmas Would You Rather Questions for Kids Christmas Analogy Fun Christmas Break Scavenger Hunt Twelve Days of Christmas Math Word Problems Elf Hunt Hanukkah Vocabulary Matching and Word Search Menorah Logic Puzzle And, of course, the giant TpT Winter Holiday Tips and Freebies Ebook!, which you

Learn how to make waxed snowflakes with your class! While this does take some care and ground rules, your students will enjoy this fun craftivity, and the snowflakes will last for many years to come!

Easy and Beautiful Waxed Snowflakes

Dipping ordinary paper snowflakes in wax will not only give them a subtle sheen, but it will also make them durable enough to be used year after year. In addition, it makes them somewhat waterproof so that they will not be ruined by condensation if you put them on a window. After you have cut your snowflakes, slowly heat household wax in a frying pan

10 Ways to Compare and Contrast

Comparing and contrasting is a higher level thinking skill important across the curriculum. We compare and contrast characters in a story, word choice in writing, equations in math (think < > =, not to mention word problems ), different hypotheses in science, how holidays are celebrated in different cultures, etc. That is probably why comparing and contrasting shows up multiple times in the Common Core Standards. Here

Those of us who are sellers on TpT want to thank you for your support of our stores! To do so, we've created a free winter holiday ebook! You can download it in Rachel Lynette's TpT store!

FREE Winter Holiday Ebook from 50 TpT Sellers!

Those of us who sell on TpT appreciate those of you who buy our products so very much! Some of us wanted to say thank you by giving you all a special holiday gift. Fifty of us collaborated on this ebook! Each page was contributed by a different TpT seller and each one includes a holiday tip or activity idea and at least one link

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