Talk about chores and helping out around the house with this FREE noun and verb printable! You can get the link to download the freebie in this post, and I've provided a list of ways you can generate class discussion about doing chores.

Free Chore Noun and Verb Printable!

Yesterday, I posted this fun little freebie about chores. The goal of the activity was to practice using verbs and nouns, but someone on my Facebook page worried that the activity might be too hard for her students because many of them do not have to do chores. This led to an interesting discussion about how few chores many kids are doing these days. One teacher

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A pensee poem is a fun poem used to described a particular subject. Each line is comprised of a certain count of syllables. Challenge your students with this free pensee poem. Click through to download it now!

Free Pensee Poem Activity

Kitten Soft and fluffy Meows until I pet her There on my favorite pillow Purring with contentment. A pensee poem is a 5-line, non-rhyming patterned poem that is both fun and easy to create! Like many other poem patterns, it is a great opportunity to practice syllables. Here is the pattern for writing a pensee: Line 1: Subject (2 syllables) Line 2: Description (4 syllables) Line

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NO SOPA, please!

On January 24 the senate will begin voting on two bills PIPA (The Protect IP Act) and SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) that could result in Teachers Pay Teachers as well as other internet open market/content sites (including Pinterest) to be shut down forever. Piracy needs to be stopped but these bills are not the way to do it.  Join Google, Facebook, Wikipedia and many

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HedBanz is a game based on a simple game that we all used to play at parties when we were kids. Make your own subject-specific version DIY-style!

Make Your Own Subject Specific “HedBanz” Game

This year while holiday shopping, I kept running across the game HedBanz. It seemed to be pretty popular, and, in fact, my boyfriend’s 8-year-old got one for Christmas. What I thought was interesting is that this is basically just a version of a game we used to play at birthday parties when I was a kid. An adult would put the name of a famous or

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You're back from winter break, and both you and your students are feeling the blues about vacation being over. Why not ease them back into the school routine with some of these fun back from winter break writing prompts? Get them thinking creatively and writing willingly with this list of 20 free writing prompts!

20 Back from Winter Break Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts for After Winter Break Two whole weeks without school…what have those kids been doing all that time? What are they looking forward to in the new year? One great way to find out is to have your students write about it! I got a little help from some of my friends on Facebook to compile this list of 20 interesting prompts to start

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