The summer slide is a real challenge that teachers and parents face. This blog post provides 48 ideas that will help you slow or prevent the summer slide. Click through to read the suggestions for both younger and older kids!

50 Ways to Slow the Summer Slide

Those long, hot days of summer are loads of fun, but they can also be a brain drain for your kids. It has been well established that kids lose some of the skills they acquired during the school year over summer, mostly because they aren’t using them. So, if you want to help slow what has been called the “summer slide,” then you want to

Hands-on projects are one of the best ways to promote creative and critical thinking in the classroom. Explore these hands-on project ideas to motivate your students to create, explore, and dream!

Hands On Projects for Creative and Critical Thinking

Minds in Bloom is so very pleased to welcome Heidi Raki, of Raki’s Rad Resources, who will share some terrific ideas for using hands-on projects to promote critical and creative thinking. All too often, math and science concepts are taught from a book. Students read some words, look at some pictures, try some equations, and are expected to think about the problem at hand in critical and creative ways.  However, many

It may seem silly, but I think it's a great idea to incorporate some task card fun into your classroom with...sticky hands! These goofy tools can provide a way for kids to engage with task cards that's fun and calming for them. I explain how to use sticky games with task cards in this post, so click through to read about it!

Task Card Fun with Sticky Hands!

I know what you are thinking. Sticky hands, really? Seriously? Yes, it’s true! Those sticky hands on a rubbery string that kids adore can be a valuable learning tool. Here is how: In a small group, give each child a sticky hand. Lay some laminated task cards on the floor or on a table face down. Ideally, these should be ones that can be answered

Free Summer Reading Log

Free Summer Reading Log!

I am thrilled to be a guest blogger for three posts about Sidestepping the Summer Slide on Room Mom Spot!  This first post is about summer reading. Please check it out. I would love to hear your thoughts, if you care to comment on the post.   Here is a free Summer Reading Log to help slow the slide!

Have you thought of using a flip chute for your task cards? This is a super clever and fun way to use task cards that was shared on Classroom DIY. I'm sharing it on my blog, with permission, and I hope you'll take time to watch the video tutorial about how to make one, because your students will love it!

Flip Chute for Task Cards!

I saw this idea on Classroom DIY and thought it was so clever that I wanted to pass it along. When a kid puts a card in at the top, it flips over inside and comes out the bottom upside-down, revealing the answer. So, if you wanted to use this with task cards at a center, you could just write the answer on the back.

Sidewalk chalk is great for drawing, of course, but there's so much more you can do with it that helps kids continue to learn! Check out this list of 10 fun ideas for using sidewalk chalk.

Sidewalk Chalk: Ten Fun Ideas!

I LOVE sidewalk chalk! It’s big, it’s colorful, it’s cheap, and if it comes in a bucket, it’s portable, too. There is sooooo much you can do with sidewalk chalk besides drawing pictures (though that is certainly an excellent use for it). Here are some ideas: NOTE: As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. Play Games: Hopscotch of course, but any game you can

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