ideas for teaching homophones in the classroom

Ideas for Teaching Homophones plus a Freebie!

Eye love teaching homophones! Their are sew many fun activities, and as wee all no, it is an important skill four students two learn inn order too right correctly and meat Common Core Standards. Hear are sum ideas: NOTE: As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. Create Double Homophone Sentences My third graders had a ball with these. The challenge is to put both

Student goal setting is an often underestimated facet of classroom instruction. Setting student goals provides both extrinsic and intrinsic motivation to improve and succeed. This free worksheet will help you and your students start setting goals right now.

Setting Student Goals: Tips and a Freebie!

Learning to set goals is an important skill. Among other things, setting goals: Helps students to identify where issues or challenges are occurring. Requires students to make a realistic plan to solve the problem/achieve the goal. Empowers students to make positive changes in their lives. That is why I created this easy-to-use goal-setting worksheet that can be used three different times throughout the school year (fall, winter,

Informational Text Freebie

FREE Informational Text Structures Handout and Poster

Knowing the Informational (non-fiction) Text Structures Unlocking the power of non-fiction texts is crucial for young readers as they progress through school. Teaching non-fiction text structures is a game-changing reading strategy that can significantly improve comprehension and retention. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the role of text structure anchor charts, graphic organizers, and other helpful tools in making this learning experience enjoyable and effective

Back to School Teacher Must-Haves

Back to School Teacher Must-Haves

I was fortunate enough to be a contributor for this fun project (look for me on the Classroom Games page). There are all kinds of great back to school ideas here! Just click on the image below to view.   Open publication – Free publishing – More back to school

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