It's time for a new year, so instead of New Years resolutions, why not do New Years reflections? This printable is updated every year, so you can have your students reflect on the year that just ended and set goals for the upcoming year. Reflection and goal setting all in one? It's yours--for free!

New Year Freebie and…

The New Year is almost here, and I have a fun (and free) reflection activity for you to do with your students when you get back from break. I think this would be fun to do each year – especially if you have your students for more than one year or are home schooling. Then, you could fill out one for this year, and look

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Mathtopia is a math facts app that's available in the App Store. Teachers can purchase the app and then have their students play rigorous games for mastery!

Mathtopia – Best Math Facts App Ever!

For all you teachers (and parents) with iPads, I recently discovered a great app for reinforcing math facts. I am a big fan of making learning fun, and Mathtopia does just that. The game incorporates aspects of the popular arcade game Bejeweled, which not only makes it highly addictive (or as 9-year-old Claire says, “addictingly fun”), but it also adds a challenging element of logical thinking into

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12 Activities for 12-12-12!

12-12-12 is only a few days away, and it won’t come around again for another hundred years. What can you do with your students to celebrate? Try some (or all) of these fun ideas. Challenge your students to write a short story using 12 sentences that each contain exactly 12 words. Have your students come up with 12 different challenging equations that all equal 12. Incorporate the season

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Quiz, Quiz, Trade is a fun kinesthetic game created by Kagan Cooperative Learning. Read more about how to use Rachel Lynette's task cards with Quiz, Quiz, Trade in this post.

Quiz, Quiz, Trade

Looking for a new and fun way to use task cards with your  students? Try the Kagan cooperative learning game Quiz, Quiz, Trade. One reason this game is popular with both  kids and teachers is that it gets your students up and moving. Not only that but you can also use it to review pretty much any subject. Here is how to play: Select a

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