Help Students Review with Colorful Sticky Note Tags

I love this guest post from Addie Williams and I know you will too! My students often struggle reviewing for a test or other type of formal assessment.  I think they get overwhelmed with all of the information that they are required to know and therefore don’t use their study time effectively.  This summer while browsing through an office supply store I saw a package of

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Great Guest Bloggers Coming Soon!

Hey everyone,I have a special treat for all of you who read Minds in Bloom. I am taking a short blogging break, but have scheduled some amazing guest bloggers! There will be names you will recognize along with a few new faces. I am so impressed with the posts they submitted and I know you will be too. Some of the topics they will be

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Do your students need practice expanding their sentences? Rachel Lynette created three sets of task cards to help you how to do just that! These Super Sentences Task Cards teach students how to make their sentences more descriptive and interesting to read.

Super Sentences Task Cards

Seriously, would you read this post if it started out like this? Students should write good sentences. They should use good words. They should write long sentences. Clearly, learning to expand sentences and choose more precise words is an important part of becoming a good writer. Not only that, but these skills are also part of the Language Common Core Standards. That is why I

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Positive reinforcement is almost always more effective than negative reinforcement. Try out random reward in your classroom and see how it reaps the benefits for classroom management!

The Power of Random Reward in Your Classroom

  Random reward is a huge motivator. It’s why many adults play slot machines and why many children with inconsistent parents whine endlessly (because, every so often, the parents give in, and they get what they want). If you reward a given behavior every time, your students are likely to get bored. Further, since you are rewarding often, the reward itself is probably not all

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Free Task Card Tracking Spreadsheet

A few weeks ago, Julie from My Journey to 5th Grade sent me an email asking if she could create an Excel spreadsheet of all of my task cards. She wanted to use it to keep track of which cards she had already bought and which ones she might want to buy, and she thought that other teachers might find it useful. Of course, I

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Teaching Contractions

For words that are supposed to make things easier, contractions can make things a whole lot harder, until your students understand how to use and spell them properly. Here are some ideas that can help. Be sure your students know what a contraction actually is. The word “contract” means to make something smaller – and that is exactly what a contraction does. Explain that the

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Post It notes are an incredibly useful tool, especially in classrooms! Check out this list of 35 uses for Post It notes to help you discover even more ways to use them!

35 Uses for Post It Notes in the Classroom

Who doesn’t love Post Its (which is actually a brand name…sticky notes is the generic)? They come in several sizes, many colors, and best of all….they stick! I always put Post Its on my student supply list because they are just so handy. Here are some nifty things you can do with Post Its: NOTE: As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. As a

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