Have you tried the Marble Jar in your class? It very well may be the motivation your class needs to show improved behavior and to succeed!

Make the Most of Your Class Marble Jar

  If you teach in an elementary classroom, chances are, you have a Marble Jar. The Marble Jar is one of my favorite classroom management tools because it is so easy and there are so many ways to use it! Just in case you have never heard of the Marble Jar, the basic idea is that you start with an empty jar, and you add

Sometimes a book or other text can help students better understand certain skills they need to learn in order to be successful in the classroom. This non-fiction book, Ben and Baily Build a Book Report, helps students learn how to correctly write a book report! Click through to learn more about how the book accomplishes this goal.

Ben and Bailey Build a Book Report

Make Book Projects More Fun with this Book Report template! Grab this FREE BOOK REPORT DOWNLOAD and your students will be creating their own report report project in no time! Are you ready to teach your students how to write a book report? This fun children’s book will walk your students through the steps of writing a book report. If you want your students to

Seven Inspiring Teacher Movies

NOTE: As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. Last night we were surfing Netflix looking for something to watch when we came across the movie Mona Lisa Smile,which features a young(er) Julia Roberts trying convince her 1950s, female college students that there is more to life than marriage. The movie was not only entertaining, but it also reminded me why I went in to

Teaching Word Roots plus a Freebie!

Krista and Julie from Reading Olympians have some wonderful information to share about why it is so important to teach word roots and how to do it. Hi Everyone!  This is Julie and Krista from Reading Olympians, and we are incredibly honored to be guest bloggers for Rachel! Over the past few years our vocabulary instruction has taken us on an interesting and exciting journey—we

Organizing 3-Week Lesson Plans

Once again I am so thrilled to welcome yet another great blogger to Minds in Bloom. Cynthia Vautrot from 2nd Grade Pad has contributed this amazing post organizing 3-week lesson plans. Raise your hand if you do Intervention Groups… Raise your hand if you are required to keep records for RTI… Are any of you familiar with 3-week Lesson Plans?  We have been doing them at

The Common Core State Standards sometimes make it seem like teaching needs to be very concrete and to-the-point. However, there's still room for creativity and interactive strategies. The Wise Guys, our guest bloggers, share a few free PowerPoints they've created that detail different interactive reading strategies to use with Common Core Standards. Download the freebies in this post!

Interactive Reading Strategies for the Common Core

I am so very pleased to welcome Brian and Eric, better known as Wise Guys, to Minds in Bloom. One of the most important activities you can do with your students is to teach them to become proficient readers.  In order to accomplish this, teachers must learn how to teach their students how to use reading strategies effectively when reading literature or informational text. This

I'm sure that by now in your teaching career, you've heard of Think, Pair, Share. But have you heard of Turn and Talk? This is very similar to Think, Pair, Share, but its foundation is in brain-based research. Sally of Elementary Matters shares all about Turn and Talk in this guest post and shares a FREE poster that you can hang up in your classroom. Click through to read more and download the freebie!

Keep Your Students Engaged with “Turn and Talk”

I am so happy to introduce Sally DeCost from Elementary Matters, because I pretty much love everything she writes, and I would have been thrilled if she had taught my own kids. She does her research, and she is tons-o-fun, so you will not want to miss this one.   I’m a big fan of the brain! I have no formal training or education about

Sometimes, teachers need creative ways to manage minds in bloom. Youngsters respond well to classroom management tools that use positive reinforcement and that are fun, catchy, and attainable. Read this pair of teachers' suggestions for managing minds in bloom!

Managing Minds in Bloom

Hi there, Minds in Bloom readers! Thanks so much for having us! We feel incredibly honored and smarter just being invited here! We have a little confession to make: Minds in Bloom was one of the very first blogs we ever discovered in this world of edublogs…and we’ve been stalking reading it ever since! We are Christy and Tammy from Fluttering Through First Grade. We’re visiting today to

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