April 2013 - Minds in Bloom
Teaching visualization is one of the hardest reading strategies to teach students, yet it is one of the most essential. Our guest blogger in this post is a reading specialist, and she shares not only why kids need to learn how to visualize but also how to teach this skill. Get all the details in the post!

Teaching Visualization Can Improve Academic Achievement for Students at Any Age

It is always a treat to have an expert blog for Minds in Bloom. Dr. Erica Warren is an educationalist specialist who focuses on multi-sensory teaching, and today she’s talking about teaching visualization.   Most children have vivid imaginations, and they have no difficulty visualizing make-believe scenes and characters. However, once they enter school, concrete learning methods often leave fantasy and self-generated visuals out of the

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Four Evil Math Wizard Spells That Change Basic Math Problems into Brain Bending Challenges

Yippee, more Common Core Math Strategies! I love this post from second-career teacher Deirdre Calhoun because it is not only well researched but also so very useful. Be sure to see her four “Evil Math Wizard” spells below…and check out her blog! They don’t call me the Evil Math Wizard for nothing. For over 10 years, I’ve challenged my students to think and persevere when solving

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The Difference a Smile Can Make

I am so very pleased to welcome Jeanie Sulfidge from A House Called Home to Minds in Bloom. Her post is a truly heart-warming reminder on what a difference teachers can make in the lives of students whose own lives are more challenging than most of us can imagine. The short truth is: nobody.  She has raised herself for the past five, seven, maybe ten years. 

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Common Core strategies often seem to leave people wondering why things are done the way they are. In fact, the Common Core State Standards have been quite controversial since they were introduced. However, at least as far as math is concerned, there is actually a "method to the madness" with the Common Core strategies, which our guest blogger describes in detail in this post.

Common Core Strategies for Teaching Math (and why they really are a good idea)

I am so happy to host Mrs. BBZ’s guest post because she does an incredible job of demystifying the strategies. As a child I had no idea why I “carried the 1” when doing addition. I just did it by rote. These strategies would have helped me to actually understand addition and subtraction with regrouping rather than just following the steps. And that is HUGE!   When I

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