Math performance tasks are an innovative and engaging way to create math assessments that will have your students unaware that they're even learning and demonstrating comprehension--rather, they're having fun! Our guest blogger recommends GRASPS for math performance tasks. Read how to implement them in this post!

Create Engaging Assessments with Math Performance Tasks

I am so pleased to host guest blogger Michaela Almeida of Reading Royalty. Her post just may revolutionize the way you assess math!   As a child my feelings toward math were lukewarm at best. My distaste for math only worsened as I continued through school, hearing from teacher after teacher that math just “wasn’t a strength of mine.” I found math boring, and I

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Calling all Teachers Pay Teachers Sellers

If you sell on TpT and you are active in the forums, you no doubt know the seller Over the Moon, whose real name is Rebecca Garrabrant. Rebecca has been posting the most amazing marketing advice, which is why I asked her to come blog with me at SoS on TpT.  SoS on TpT is a blog I started for new sellers a few years

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Five Ways to Provide an Authentic Audience for Your Students

  I am so very pleased to host Brenda Martin from Teaching Dreaming Learning. You will add so much to your students’ time in your classroom if you use even one of her ideas.  The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains.  The great teacher inspires. –William Arthur Ward   As a classroom teacher, I want my students to look back on third grade with

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Summertime Would You Rather Questions for the End of the Year

End of the Year & Summertime Would You Rather

End of the Year and Summertime FUN! School doesn’t end until mid-June in my neck of the woods, but I know some of you are done in May. If you are looking for ideas to help you in those last days, you have come to the right place. “Would You Rather”, “This or That” – Whatever you call this game, your students will love it! 

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Teaching visualization is one of the hardest reading strategies to teach students, yet it is one of the most essential. Our guest blogger in this post is a reading specialist, and she shares not only why kids need to learn how to visualize but also how to teach this skill. Get all the details in the post!

Teaching Visualization Can Improve Academic Achievement for Students at Any Age

It is always a treat to have an expert blog for Minds in Bloom. Dr. Erica Warren is an educationalist specialist who focuses on multi-sensory teaching, and today she’s talking about teaching visualization.   Most children have vivid imaginations, and they have no difficulty visualizing make-believe scenes and characters. However, once they enter school, concrete learning methods often leave fantasy and self-generated visuals out of the

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Four Evil Math Wizard Spells That Change Basic Math Problems into Brain Bending Challenges

Yippee, more Common Core Math Strategies! I love this post from second-career teacher Deirdre Calhoun because it is not only well researched but also so very useful. Be sure to see her four “Evil Math Wizard” spells below…and check out her blog! They don’t call me the Evil Math Wizard for nothing. For over 10 years, I’ve challenged my students to think and persevere when solving

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Teachers Pay Teachers Top Ten Sellers in the News

The Business Insider did a post about the Top Ten Sellers on TpT (of which I am currently #3). You can read the whole thing here. This is Deanna Jump…she is the #1 Seller on TpT! Some of us have been discussing this in Facebook. We are of course, disgusted some of the comments from clearly ignorant people who have no idea what teachers actually

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Test prep doesn't have to be - and shouldn't be - all about test prep booklets. This guest post on Minds in Bloom shares a few fun alternatives to drill and kill test prep practices, including the use of whiteboards, task cards, and games. Get all of the suggestions and how to implement them in this post!

Test Prep with Pep: Fun Alternatives to Drill and Kill

This guest post from Samantha Harrell of Riveted Little Readers is a MUST READ for any teacher giving standardized tests.   “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”…said no teacher EVER! State mandated testing…those words can be fighting words, I tell ya! No matter; state mandated testing is a necessary evil that we face every spring. How do we make it through this time

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Check out this round up of blog posts, Teachers Pay Teachers freebies, and Pinterest boards to help you combat the classroom management issues that only seem to occur in the springtime.

Springtime Classroom Management Round Up: Tips and Freebies

We all know how challenging spring can be for classroom management. Kids are getting restless as summer approaches, and the classroom routines that have been a regular part of your day all year are getting a little stale. This is a round up of posts and freebies from Minds in Bloom, Teachers Pay Teachers, and Pinterest to help you through this challenging (but also exciting)

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The Difference a Smile Can Make

I am so very pleased to welcome Jeanie Sulfidge from A House Called Home to Minds in Bloom. Her post is a truly heart-warming reminder on what a difference teachers can make in the lives of students whose own lives are more challenging than most of us can imagine. The short truth is: nobody.  She has raised herself for the past five, seven, maybe ten years. 

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Add this BOOM! game to your task card routine, and your students will love it! It's a fun way to mix up centers, review, and general instruction.

BOOM! A Free Game to Use with Task Cards!

It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s a great way to review. Just mix the BOOM! Cards in with another set of task cards and put them into a BOOM! bin. Players take turns drawing cards and answering them. They get to keep the cards they answer correctly. But if a player draws a BOOM! card, he must discard all of the cards he has collected.

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Tips for Great Performances: Class and School Presentations

Sarah O Shea is our resident drama expert. Her post about class performances will be a lifesaver for those of you who need to get your class (or grade level, or school) ready for that much-anticipated school musical, concert, or play. So you’ve graduated with the perfect credentials, secured your first teaching position and are thrown to the wolves. You know how to teach now

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