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  So, I am moving this week! Thanks to all of you wonderful TpT buyers, I was able to purchase this awesome house for myself and my family (which consists of my daughter, a high school junior; my son, a college sophomore who is only home on breaks–but still needs a room; my sweetie and his two girls, ages 14 and 10, who are with

Data standards are always tricky to teach, but our guest blogger doesn't see certain Common Core standards taught in third, fourth, and fifth grades often enough. It's a data standard that asks students to use number lines to enhance their understanding of fractions. This data standard is tied into the fraction knowledge required at each grade level, and it is a great way to incorporate fractions, measurement, and data at the same time.

Data Standards: Common Core Style

Lucky us, we have a math specialist guest posting today! Read her post to find out how to implement one of the trickier Common Core data standards.   In the Common Core, there is a measurement and data standard (MD.B) that I don’t see being addressed in many programs at the third, fourth, and fifth grade levels.  It is all about students constructing and using

Learn advice from an ESL teacher about how to reach your English Language Learners better. ELLs often struggle in general education classrooms, so use these tips to help tailor your teaching to their needs.

Reaching English Language Learners in the Mainstream Classroom

Our guest blogger today is Maria, who is an ESL teacher.  Maria knows the struggles that English Language Learners face in the mainstream classroom, so her post includes tips for general education teachers to help reach those students better. Many of us have English as a Second Language (ESL) students in our classes, who come to us with varying levels of English proficiency when they

Self-Publishing With Your Class

I am so thrilled to host Susanna Westby from Whimsy Workshop! Her post will tell you exactly how to create a real book! Turns out it is easier and cheaper than I thought.   It’s an old stand-by activity in primary classrooms – the class book. If you’re a primary teacher, you’ve probably done this many times: all students contribute a page, staple it together

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