Sowing the Seeds of Classroom Success: Creating a Caring Classroom

I am so excited, and also a bit nervous, because I (along with three other great teacher-bloggers) have been invited to present at one of Laura Candler’s awesome webinars! We are collaborating together to bring you a bevy of strategies, activities, and ideas for starting your year off right. The focus will be on the building community and team-building aspects of this special time of year. We

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Are you looking for a bunch of Common Core resources? Hundreds of Teachers Pay Teachers sellers came together to created these FREE resources full of tips and lessons for teachers. Each resource is broken down by grade level and subject area, so click through to get the links to all of the resources!

Free Common Core Ebooks – So. Many. Resources!!

Whether you are struggling to adopt the Common Core Standards or just need some new ideas and activities, you are going to love these free ebooks! Hundreds of teachers have contributed to these books to make them a treasure-trove of CCSS resources. Each page includes a CCSS tip, a free CCSS product, and up to two recommended for-purchase products. The two books that readers of

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Math is a challenging subject, and many parents feel inadequate at helping their children succeed in math. It's an obstacle, but it's not one that's impossible to overcome. Our guest blogger, who is a veteran teacher, shares several excellent tips for parents to help their children succeed in math this school year.

Help Your Child Succeed in Math This School Year

I am so pleased to welcome veteran teacher Vicky (aka SciPi) to Minds in Bloom. This post is full of great tips to help your child succeed in what is often a challenging subject. Success in school starts and continues at home, but many parents feel inadequate when it comes to helping their children with math. While parents can usually find time to read a story

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Reading disabilities are all too prevalent in schools today. Our guest blogger is a reading specialist, and she's sharing 15 signs that a student has a reading disability, as well as 10 solutions for reading disabilities to aid in reading progress for kids.

Reading Disabilities: 15 Causes and 10 Solutions

I am once again so thrilled to welcome Dr. Erica Warren to Minds in Bloom. This post is a must-read for any teacher (or parent) who teaches reading or works with struggling readers.   Many young learners encounter obstacles with the reading process and, for some, it is a pervasive problem. New estimates report that as many as 1 in 10 children have reading disabilities,

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As every teacher knows, the start of the school year is the best time to teach classroom procedures. Read these classroom procedure tips and get free resources like a checklist and task cards for classroom procedures.

Classroom Procedure Tips and Resources

  Fortunately, this can be avoided by making sure your students know exactly what to do at any point during the day, in any situation that might come up. That means that you need to have a procedure in place for EVERYTHING. Here are some ideas about how to accomplish this oh-so-important, and somewhat daunting, task: NOTE: As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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Vegas Pictures on Instagram

I have finally decided to join Instagram and have started with some pictures from the Meet Up in Vegas. I’d be thrilled if you would follow me, as of this moment I don’t have any followers. I tend to keep Minds in Bloom, my Facebook page, and my Pinterest pretty focused on education, but I will likely use Instagram for fun and more personal pictures

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Come Find Me in Vegas!

It’s Vegas, baby! I will be in Las Vegas July 14-18. I know some of you will also be there attending one of the two big conferences (or just because you live there) and I would love to meet you! As much as I wish I looked like my curly-haired cartoon, the real me looks like this: I am also pretty easy to spot because

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Track the Standards with Common Core Punch Cards!

I wish I could take credit for this idea, but it actually came from an awesome follower who wanted them for her own classroom and graciously allowed me to create them (of course she got them for free.) Basically, each student in your class gets a ring of punch cards. There is one card for each of the strands/domains and all of the standards, identified

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Follow Minds in Bloom on Blog Lovin’

Say goodbye to Google Reader and hello to Bloglovin’! You’ve probably heard by now that Google Reader is a thing of the past, but no worries because the hip, new way to follow all your favorite blogs is with Bloglovin’! It is super easy to sign up and you can even import all of the blogs you were following on Google Reader.If you want to

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