September 2013 - Minds in Bloom
Teachers aren't the only ones who can create task cards! Empower your students to take charge of their learning by encouraging them to make task cards. Kid-created task cards are unique, powerful, and fun!

Kid-Created Task Cards!

Your students already love task cards, so why not have them create some of their own (if you don’t know what a task card is, click here)? This would be a great project to do in conjunction with a book your class is reading or for a science or social studies unit. There are many ways you could go about this. Here are some things

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It's easy to integrate technology into your social studies class with the GeoGuessr geography game! This website allows your students to determine where in the world they are using the Street View capability with Google Maps. Teach your students how to look for clues in the Street View, and let them play!

Where in the World Are We? Lovin’ the GeoGuessr Geography Game!

Please welcome the talented Kristen of Aspire to Inspire!  Today she shares a fun and engaging way to get students excited about social studies.  Thanks for giving us so many great sites to go and explore, Kristen! I’m always on the lookout for engaging and authentic learning activities to encourage students’ interest in social studies and to help them understand its relevance in their lives. This

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Families, Fun, and Engineering: Building Community Relationships through STEM

Please welcome Wendy and Cheryl, two teachers passionate about engineering with kids.  I am sure you’ll enjoy this helpful post as much as I did!   STEM, Engineering, 21st Century Skills…the buzzwords of the 2013-2014 school year. With all that is on a teacher’s plate this autumn, what can seem, in isolation, like an interesting and intriguing idea often ends up lost in the shuffle

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Research project folders provide a simple way for students to gather and organize information that they research, as well as their sources for that information. Only a few supplies are needed, and the folders even lend to helping students quickly and easily writing rough drafts of their research papers!

Research Project Folders

Hi everyone! I’m Shanon of A Day in the Life of a Title I Teacher. I’m so excited to be a guest blogger here at Minds in Bloom. I love sharing ideas and collaborating with other educators. I am just starting my second year of teaching; I am the Title I Reading teacher at a small school in the Metro Atlanta area. Rachel, thank you for all of the amazing

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Every teacher has the same dilemma: trying to assign homework that's fun. As far as reading is concerned, our guest blogger has you covered with this post: She's sharing all about an interactive reading response homework strategy that she uses in her own classroom! Get all of the details and a freebie in this post!

Reading Response Homework That’s Fun!

Please welcome Gina of Beach, Sand, and Lesson Plans!  She shares with us today a pretty snappy way to handle homework that’s fun for everyone.  She included a great freebie that you’ll want to download and rate for sure!  Thanks for sharing this great, idea Gina!   Hi everyone!  I’m Gina from Beach, Sand, and Lesson Plans, and I’m thrilled to be a guest blogger

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Close Reading

Please welcome Tammi of The Balanced Classroom!  Today we get an in depth look at how close reading works.  Thanks for the great post Tammi! Close reading is the buzz among implementation of the Common Core ELA Standards. Being on the committee to map the ELA standards, I received some training last spring on how to do a close read. I decided to jump in

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Lessia Bonn from I Am Bullyproof Music shares her ideas on how teachers can teach with lyrics. Find music that resonates with your students--not just music that they think is popular--and teach them lessons through the lyrics. They will love it, and you will reach them in ways you never expected!

How to Teach with Lyrics

You are in for a treat! We have Lessia of I am BullyProof Music with us today to show us how to use lyrics to enhance our students’ learning and self-esteem. Thanks, Lessia!   I’m tickled pink and very honored to be invited to guest post for Minds in Bloom. Thanks for the wisdom, warmth, and fabulous materials you share with us all, Rachel. You

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Kids need stimulation while they're learning; they can't be expected to just sit and absorb the information that's being thrown at them. That's why our guest blogger shares her three favorite ways to get them moving - with the help of task cards! She shares three activities she likes to use that get students out of their seats and moving while they work through sets of task cards. Read all the details inside!

Get Them Moving with Task Cards!

Please give a warm welcome to Heidi of Counting on Words!  She shares how she takes task cards and combines them with movement.  I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did!   The students in the urban school district where I teach spend much of their time away from school playing video games and watching television.  You might think their lack of

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Parent Night Kid Quiz – FREE

Picture from Kricia Corbral I am just thrilled that Scholastic Blogger Kriscia Cobral selected my Parent Night Quiz to include in her  4 Ways to Include Student Voices in Your Back to School Night post. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already. If you have followed the link from her post, welcome to Minds in Bloom! I hope you will take a

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It seems like an impossible task, but teachers are charged with reaching every learner in their classes. Read a veteran teacher's tips on how to do this.

Classroom Challenges: Reaching Every Learner in Your Class

Please welcome Shelley of The Perks of Teaching Primary! Today she shares with us how to reach every learner in your classroom and even included a freebie.   Teaching is a very demanding job requiring skills and knowledge in a huge spectrum of areas: academic knowledge, child development (both physical and social and emotional). A teacher needs to be a “counselor” and a problem solver.

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Classroom management is a struggle for all teachers, even if only occasionally. Our guest blogger shares what an incredible impact she saw by incorporating art in classroom management with her students. Click here to read the amazing help that art was, how she uses a cool down area, and other recommendations!

Art in Classroom Management

Please welcome Christi of Digraphs, Decimals, Discoveries!  You’ll love her post today about using art as a method of classroom management.  These ideas create a caring classroom environment.  Thanks for sharing Christi! Sometimes children can’t find the right words or actions to deal with their emotions. In many cases, children are still learning what emotions are and how to deal with the overwhelming feelings that

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