Where can you find quality informational texts?

Informational Text Resources

Please welcome Brian and Eric of Wise Guys!  Today they share with us how they are meeting informational text standards in their classrooms.  Thanks guys! Informational text has become a major focus under the Common Core Standards. As classroom teachers, it is our goal to help our students become proficient in reading and writing informational text. Below are our top five ways we accomplish this

Have you considered using task cards in interactive notebooks? Anna of Simply Skilled in Second wrote a blog post all about using one of Rachel Lynette's task card sets in interactive notebooks!

Using Task Cards in Interactive Notebooks

I just wanted to direct your attention to this awesome post from my blogging buddy, Anna DiGillio at Simply Skilled in Second Grade.  She created a simple and clever way to use task cards in interactive notebooks! Not only that, but you can also download a free template from her post! Picture Credit: Anna DiGillio Please head over and take a peek. I am sure

Have you discovered any misconceptions about the equal sign in your elementary classroom? Our guest blogger discovered, when trying to teach pre-algebraic thinking, that her students had a big misconception about the equal sign that was preventing them from being successful. In this post she shares the creative lesson she came up with to correct their misunderstanding.

Understanding the Equal Sign Using Peanut Butter Cups

You are in for a treat today!  We have a simple and effective idea for teaching what the equal sign means from Jen of Beyond Traditional Math. Every day we have a daily math review, where I change up the problems based on the needs of my class. We’ve been working on some pre-algebraic thinking, which is not easy for third graders. Here is the

Teaching is a challenging field - there's no doubt about that. So, how can you survive and thrive as a teacher? This guest blog post gives several tips and tricks for helping you to enjoy your career and to help yourself survive in it!

How to Survive and Thrive as a Teacher

Please welcome Devon of Teach with Fergy.  Today he shares how he has survived and thrived as a teacher.  Be sure to check out his fun science activities on his website, as well.   I’ve been teaching for a few years now, and there have been many ups and downs. There were times when my class would get out of hand, or there would be

The Gateway Book

    Please welcome Caitlin of The Room Mom.  Today, she shares how she has guided her students to choose that one special book that leads them into being vivacious readers.  Be sure to check out her book suggestion path down below.  Thanks so much, Caitlin!   It only takes one perfect book to get a child hooked on reading. I like to call this book

Teachers always seem to be looking for new iPad apps to use in their classrooms. Our guest blogger shares several engaging iPad apps that you can check out and download, if you think they'll be a good fit in your classroom! Click through to read her post.

Engaging iPad Apps for the Classroom

Please welcome Katherine Fountain of Engaging a Creative Classroom.  She has shared an awesome list of iPad apps that engage students in an authentic learning experience.  Thanks for sharing with us today, Katherine! In the past few years, the number of iPads in classrooms has grown exponentially.  They are a relatively inexpensive way for schools to get technology into the hands of students.  There are

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