Child sexual abuse and inappropriate touching are extremely challenging topics to discuss with students. However, this is an unfortunate and sad reality for many students, and most of them keep their experiences secret. Addressing these issues head-on and making students understand that they have a safe place and person in which to confide is of the utmost importance.

Teaching about Inappropriate Touching

Please welcome Selena Smith. Selena doesn’t have a blog yet, but she is a teacher on a mission to stop sexual abuse!  Thanks for sharing, Selena!   Have you ever noticed an outgoing child in your class become an introvert almost overnight, a top-notch student suddenly become complacent about school, or a passive child become aggressive in a short period of time?  There are a number of factors that can contribute to

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Integrating Forms of Energy and Earth Day

Hi Friends…My name is Anna from Simply Skilled in Second.  I am so excited and honored to be a guest blogger here at Minds in Bloom! Today I wanted to share with you some fun, interactive, and interesting ideas and activities that I have been working on with my class the last few weeks, which in turn blends in very nicely with my upcoming unit

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As state standardized testing gains more and more importance, subjects like social studies are seen falling to the wayside. However, teachers can still work to add geography to their everyday lessons! This guest blog post on Minds in Bloom shares several creative ways to tie geography into lessons on reading, math, and science.

Adding Geography to the Daily Lesson

Please welcome Michele Luck of A Lesson Plan for Teachers!  Did you know Michele and her husband travel the United States every day in an RV?  They live and breathe geography and social studies.  Today, she shares with us the many ways you can incorporate geography into your lessons.  Thanks for sharing Michele!   Many elementary teachers are stressed with time limits as they attempt

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