What can I do when my students are mean and rude to each other?

Help! My Students Are So Rude, Mean, and Disrespectful to Each Other!

I often post questions from teachers on my Facebook wall. It is always amazing to see the helpful and insightful answers that other teachers post. A few days ago, a teacher named Jenny Eldridge had a great question about how to keep her students from being mean and disrespectful to each other. I was so impressed with the answers that I decided to post some

What are some teaching techniques I can use when I am assigned a non-english speaking student in my classroom?

Deb’s Top 10 Tips When You Are Assigned a Non-English Speaking Student!

Hi there!  My name is Deb Hanson, and I am thrilled to be guest posting today on Rachel’s blog!  I am an ELL (English Language Learner) teacher in Nebraska.  I have taught ELLs in all elementary grade levels and in all stages of language acquisition.  Today, I want to focus on those Level 1 students – often newly arrived immigrants who have lived in the country

Games to play with students outside

Games for Bringing the Learning Outside

  It’s hard to stay indoors during these last few days of spring before summer break, but you still have things to teach, and giving your students another recess is not going to fly with your administration. So why not take the learning outdoors? Here are some ideas for meaningful learning while getting your kids moving in the sunshine. For all of these, you will

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