Writer's Workshop is a popular teaching method used by many teachers, but it can feel daunting to some. Our guest blogger shares why she uses Writer's Workshop in her classroom, as well as how she sets it up and runs it. Click through to learn more!

The Writer’s Workshop Format

Hi!  I’m Shelley from The Write Stuff Teaching.  Many teachers thoroughly enjoy teaching in a Writer’s Workshop format.  What’s great is that students love it and can learn a lot about writing, if the Writer’s Workshop is organized and executed in a way that is differentiated for all learners.   I want to thank Rachel Lynette for giving me the opportunity to share with you

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Our guest blogger created an incredible classroom management tool in her classroom: random acts of kindness! Read all about how she implemented this strategy in her classroom and how random acts of kindness have impacted the environment of her classroom.

Random Acts of Kindness: One Teacher’s Amazing Plan!

RAK – A Simple Way to Change Your Classroom As teachers, we need lots of ideas about how to handle students who are being mean, rude, and disrespectful to each other. Well, when amazing teachers (like Jenny Eldridge) talk, we listen!  Here’s a useful idea that focuses on doing good things for other people. Not only that, but this strategy slips in meaningful and motivating writing

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