Games in the classroom are the perfect replacement for timed tests and other forms of standardized assessment. Watch your students' mastery soar with games, plus - some of your students might even learn hidden skills, like following directions and social skills! Click through to read more about the experiment our guest blogger did with games in lieu of timed tests.

Games in the Classroom

Minds in Bloom welcomes Krista Mahan of Teaching Momster. We know you’ll love her post on games in the classroom! Let’s take a look at

Fold the Line is an easy but thought-provoking game that will help your students get to know each other, build social skills, and discuss controversial (or not) topics. Click through to learn more about this engaging and authentic classroom activity!

Fold the Line

Minds in Bloom is happy to present Terri Izatt from KinderKapers with a guest post on the game Fold the Line. We know you’ll love

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