Have you considered using Padlet in your classroom as a way to integrate technology? Our guest blogger's post gives a tutorial on how to get started using Padlet, so click through to get all the details!

Integrating Technology in the Classroom Using Padlet

 Minds in Bloom is happy to present Brittany Washburn, a teacher-author and Science Specialist for grades 2-5 with her post on using Padlet. Enjoy!     Integrating technology in the elementary classroom has become expected, but it certainly doesn’t have to be difficult. In my 4th grade science classes we recently used the technology tool “Padlet” to create posters about an assigned Earth material. This

Paraphrasing & Summarizing Freebie

Paraphrasing and Summarizing – FREE Posters and Reminder Cards!

Paraphrasing and summarizing are both super challenging skills to master, and what makes them even more confusing is that students often get these two skills mixed up! That is why I created the PARA and SUM acronyms:PARAphrase It! Put the text in your own words. Avoid copying the text. Rearrange similar text. Ask yourself if you included all the important points. SUMmarize It! Shorter than the

how to encourage students to read more

Ten Ways to Encourage Reading in Your Classroom

Of course, we all want our students to become readers – we want them to read way beyond the classroom, not just when they have to but also because they want to. In many ways, that is becoming more and more difficult. While the emphasis the Common Core puts on informational text will likely benefit our kids in many ways, in many classrooms it is at

Making inferences is a challenging skill, but there are ways teachers can make it easier. These unique ideas on activities for teaching inferencing and books to promote making inferences are sure to make your planning easier!

Making Inferences

Minds in Bloom is happy to introduce Sharon Fabian, from Classroom in the Middle, with her post on making inferences. Making inferences may be a difficult skill, but it is a fun one to teach – especially when you see those little wheels start to turn! Here are a few ideas for getting started.   Using Close-up Photos For a different way of introducing inferences, try

We know most students don't love writing, but these ideas for writing across the curriculum make it fun--and students won't realize they're writing!

Writing across the Curriculum

Minds in Bloom is happy to present another stellar post from Shelley Rolston on Writing across the Curriculum. Enjoy!   I heard it a lot from students when I taught the upper elementary grades: “I’d like science if I didn’t have to write about it.” Or, “This is not math, it’s writing!” Have you ever heard this?  In the younger grades they don’t often express

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