Minds in Bloom had a wealth of great posts in 2014, but these 10 take the cake as the best posts of 2014. Click through to our Pinterest board to see all of the posts!

Minds in Bloom: Best Posts of 2014

Here is a little round up of the best Minds in Bloom Posts of 2014! Each of these posts has had over 10,000 page views, and many have gotten quite a few more than that! As you can see, most of them are guest posts, which is awesome! You will find a wealth of information here, and if you like something, then be sure to

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Common Core math isn't every teacher's favorite thing, but the Standards of Mathematical Practices that come along with the CCSS are highly important. Learn more about why you can't ignore the SMPs, even if you disapprove of the CCSS.

Why You Can’t Ignore the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practices

Minds in Bloom welcomes Kacie from Managing and Motivating Math Minds as our guest blogger today. She is here to talk about some valuable elements of the Common Core Standards of Mathematical Practices.   The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have become a controversial and highly debated movement in education. The standards have been praised, bashed, banned, and everything in between. Regardless of your feelings

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Our guest blogger is a self-proclaimed strict teacher who shares her best five classroom management tips for more control (or controlled chaos!) in your classroom. If classroom management is an area of growth for you, then you definitely want to read this post!

Classroom Management Tips from a Tiger Teacher

Hi! My name is Cindy Lee of Ainslee Labs, and, like the Tiger Mom, I come from an Asian family and find myself influenced by the more disciplined culture of Korea, even though I grew up in the United States. A co-worker recently commented, “Mrs. Lee is old school, but it works.” A bit about my background: I’m currently on my 9th year of teaching special education in an

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Parent communication can be tricky--tricky to do at all, let alone in the right way. Our guest blogger shares how she uses social media and other convenient tools for parent communication so that her students' parents stay informed.

Parent Communication: Easy and Convenient Tools that Keep Parents Informed

Minds in Bloom is pleased to welcome Tasia from Great Minds Teach Alike! Tasia has written a fantastic post about how you can use social media networks for parent communication.   Lets face it: With all the responsibilities of being an educator, communicating with parents usually falls to the bottom of the bottomless list of things a teacher has to do. I’ve found that with

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Using manipulatives effectively in the classroom is essential to ensuring that your students are learning the content and staying on-task. Here are five guiding principles to help you accomplish appropriate use of manipulatives.

5 Principles for Using Manipulatives Effectively in the Classroom

Please welcome Sandra from Sandra’s Savvy Teaching Tips to Minds in Bloom! Her post explains how we, as teachers, can emphasize using manipulatives effectively in the classroom.   An essential step in learning is making connections. Cards, dice, and money provide connections to real life. Sometimes struggling learners wonder why they need to learn something because they can’t see the connection to their life outside of school. Cards, dice, and

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