Having an Artist of the Month Club is a fun way to integrate the arts into the general education classroom. Learn how to make this work in your classroom thanks to this guest post on Minds in Bloom!

Artist of the Month Club

Today’s guest blogger is Jennifer from Jennifer Kime Creations. Read on to learn her tips and ideas for having an Artist of the Month Club at your school!   What could I do when budget cuts eliminated an organized art program at my school? How could I incorporate art into the regular classroom without taking away from time required to teach state standards? First, I had to get past my own

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My Super Hero Teacher: Fifth Grade Teacher Mrs. Klein

Rachel Lynette, Redmond Elementary That’s me in third grade. You wouldn’t know it from the picture, but at that time in my life I had the self-esteem of a gnat. I was by far the shortest kid in my class. I was years from figuring out all those unwritten social skill rules, and I am pretty sure I had have some kind of undiagnosed learning disorder.

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Decide Now is a cheap app that employs the use of a choice wheel, which you can use in several different ways in the classroom! What's even better is that the app stores all of your information so that you can use the same wheels later, including the next school year. Eliminate complaints about partners or new seats with the help of this app!

Decide Now: Great Classroom Technology

I’m Amber from SSSTeaching! I love finding new and innovative ways to use technology in my classroom. The Decide Now app was something I recently discovered that revolutionized how my classroom works. In essence, it is an extremely easy app to use based on a wheel of choices. You can input choices and name spinners, along with picking color options. It is very straightforward and

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Transitioning from the primary grades to middle school is a challenging thing to do for many students. This secondary teacher gives five tips on ways to prepare students for middle school. Teaching them these skills and habits makes them that much more prepared!

5 Ways to Prepare Students for Middle School

Today’s guest blogger here on Minds in Bloom is Sara from Secondary Sara. She’s written a post that I know you’ll find incredibly helpful: It’s about five ways to prepare your students for middle school. Enjoy!   Ever wonder what the middle school teachers receiving your graduates really want? Not sure how best to help your 4th, 5th, and 6th graders transition from primary to secondary

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Have you heard of Plickers? Plickers is a free app that's revolutionizing classrooms everywhere! Assess students, take votes, grade, and more all with the ease of this app. Read more in this guest post!

Plickers – A Fabulous App for the Classroom

Some apps are fun. Some apps are useful. And then there are apps that transform the way you teach. Over the years, I have found very few in the latter category.   Plickers is a transformative app. I would tell you to stop everything and download it now, but don’t worry, it will still be there when you finish reading. I even promise you a link.   …it only needs ONE smart device to

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Every once in a while, teachers get children who stutter in their classes. Depending on your student's age, this may or may not be a point of contention and discomfort for them. This guest post, written by a speech-language pathologist, shares important tips and information that teachers need to know about stuttering to help their students succeed.

What Teachers Need to Know about Stuttering

Minds in Bloom is thrilled to welcome Lisette from Speech Sprouts today! Lisette has written an informative post about what teachers need to know about stuttering, which is especially helpful when we have students who stutter in our classes. Enjoy! If you are a teacher who has a student in your class who stutters, you may be wondering what stuttering is all about and what

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Centers are an extremely effective instructional tool, but they can be a pain to set up and keep up. Our guest blogger shares how she spends extra time at the beginning of the year (or even the end of the previous year!) to get her centers ready for the ENTIRE school year. Learn her tips in this post!

Creating Easy Center Management

Today’s guest blogger is sharing all about how she easily manages her centers so that she doesn’t have as much time involved in setting them up. Read on to learn more about creating easy center management!   You know what centers are? Right. Those wonderful engaging, meaningful, activities that the rest of the class is working on while you lead small group instruction. I have centers, lots

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Writing in math may seem odd, but it's an important practice with the new standards being used today. This guest post shares creative and insightful ways to add writing to math class. These methods will really get your students thinking!

Ideas for Using Writing in Math

Today’s guest blogger is Mrs. D, and she’s sharing some wonderful and creative ideas for incorporating more writing into math curriculum. It’s totally possible–but it requires thinking about math differently. 🙂   Writing across the curriculum has been a movement in education, and my school district is no exception. With the recent changes to Common Core and PARCC testing, I found myself at a loss for how

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This guided short story activity will have your students using only four of their senses to determine what a mystery object might be. Then, they have to create a story based on the object and a given prompt!

4 Senses Guided Short Story Activity

Hi! I’m Gina of PerfettoWritingRoom. Special thanks today to Minds in Bloom for co-hosting this article! It is one of the very best blogs on the block, if I do say so myself.   My most inspired writing project is a freebie I’m sharing with you today: 4 Senses Guided Short Story Activity. Calling it a prompt isn’t fair. Truly, it is an EXPERIENCE that is

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Super Sunday Task Card Bundle: 12 Sets for 12 Dollars!

Things are pretty crazy here in Seattle. We’ve got people dying their hair green, getting Seahawk tattoos, even painting their dogs! I’m not going to paint my dog (but he does have a Seahawks collar), but I am passing some of the fun onto you with this Super Sunday Task Card Bundle! Basically, you get $12 sets of task cards for just $12! You can

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