August 2015 - Minds in Bloom

Got a Minute, Two, or Five?

Gail Hennessey is our guest blogger today. She’s sharing great ideas for time-fillers at the middle school level. Keep those kiddos working until the bell rings! A new school year is beginning. My advice: Always have kids on task! Checking homework in the beginning of class or doing clerical stuff? Finish your lesson with a few minutes to spare? What to do? Giving them free

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Have you ever tried implement giant graphs in your classroom? These provide a fun new way to learn and practice graphing skills--life size!

Implementing Giant Graphs

Today’s guest blogger is Angie of Teaching with Class. Angie has taught in a wide variety of grades and currently teaches at the college level. She’s here today to share her insight on using giant graphs in the classroom!     In my fourth grade classroom, on Fridays, I like doing my math block a little differently. My favorite things to do during this time

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Text Time is the perfect reading skills practice that you've been looking for! It includes 60 reading passages, which really translates to 120 passages because there are two levels for each. Click through to read more about what's included in this awesome reading skills review resource!

Reading Skills Review the Easy Way!

So, a few months ago I was thinking about making an ELA skills review product – something with several different skills on one page – but when I asked my Facebook followers what they thought about the idea, a bunch of them basically said, “Well, that’s a swell idea, but what we really need is reading skills practice.” I am all about making what teachers

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Math talk is a strategy to get students discussing and comprehending different math strategies to solve problems. This isn't something that can just be implemented right away; it takes time to build the right classroom environment to make math talk successful.

Getting Started with Effective Math Talk in the Classroom

Welcome friends! Today’s guest post was contributed by Shametria L. Routt, The Routty Math Teacher, and it is about implementing effective math talk in the classroom. This post includes tips and strategies to get you started, as well as a variety of resources to use on your journey. Happy reading! Using mathematical discussions in the classroom is a powerful way to increase our students’ critical

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6 Ways to Strengthen Parent-Teacher Connections

Minds in Bloom is thrilled to welcome Jenn from The Teacher Next Door to the blog today! Jenn’s discussing those all important parent-teacher connections and sharing six ways that you can strengthen them – for everyone’s benefit, most especially the students’! Teaching forces us to be a jack of all trades. Not only do we have to plan meaningful lessons, teach (as well as manage

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Having students create their own totem poles is an authentic and fun way to have them demonstrate their understanding of a Native American unit! Our guest blogger shares 10 steps for doing a student-made totem pole in this blog post.

How to Create a Student-Made Totem Pole

My name is Michelle from Teaching Ideas for Those Who Love Teaching. I am grateful and truly honored to be guest blogging for Rachel Lynette.   Every year, when we study Native Americans, my second graders create a totem pole. They’re really easy to make, and here are the steps. 1. We create the totem poles after studying Native Americans of the Northwest Coast. Usually,

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Using Google Forms in Your Classroom

Hi! My name is Aris Rossi, and I’m the teacher blogger behind Sailing into Second! Today, I’ll be sharing a tutorial on Google Forms! If you’re still learning how to use Google Drive and all it’s Googley goodness, then check out this getting started post HERE.   Let’s dig into what a Google Form is and how you can use Google Forms in your classroom.

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Stability balls in the classroom are becoming more popular as a flexible seating option. However, would you have all of your classroom chairs swapped out for stability balls? That's what our guest blogger did, and she says she's never switching back!

Stability Balls in the Classroom

Please join us in welcoming Mrs. D from The Third Wheel to Minds in Bloom! Mrs. D has implemented stability balls in the classroom, so she’s sharing how she’s made them work to inspire you to try the same.   NOTE: As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases.   Sometimes I think I have a “type.” You know, that one student who is guaranteed to

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Create Classroom Focus with Yoga

Creating a classroom environment that is conducive to teaching and learning can make or break you this school year. It not only appears on most teacher evaluations, but a calm and focused learning environment will help maximize student learning outcomes. One way I have found for creating a calm classroom environment is through using yoga in my classroom daily. Among its many health benefits, yoga

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Implementing a flipped classroom is a great way to not only increase student engagement but to also reach your students' needs and learning styles! This guest post describes how to implement a flipped classroom and shares the benefits of doing so. Click here to read more!

Implementing a Flipped Classroom

 Today’s post is from Amanda of The Primary Gal! She’s sharing her experience with implementing a flipped classroom.   In today’s world, our students are surrounded by technology.  More times than not, they are more familiar with an iPad than many adults.  Over the last few years, I have attempted to put my students’ interest in technology to use by implementing a flipped classroom model!

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