It's extremely important for teachers to use patience and give grace when drawing out the child who stutters in the classroom. Our guest blogger, a speech-language pathologist, provides some insight into how students with stutters might be feeling and provides several tips for helping them find success when asked to speak in the classroom. Click through to read more.

Drawing Out the Child Who Stutters

Please welcome Kim Lewis to Minds in Bloom today. Kim is a speech-language pathologist, and she’s sharing her tips on supporting students who struggle with

Puppets make a great addition to any classroom but especially to an English Language Arts classroom. Our guest blogger shares her tips on how to incorporate puppet play into your class routine and even shares tips for dialogue and assessment!

Puppets in the Classroom

Lynn, the author behind TiePlay Educational Resources, is with us today sharing her insight on how to use puppets in the classroom. Your students will

Strategies for teaching students that do not speak english

Modified Guided Reading for ELLs

Kristen is our guest blogger today, joining us from A Walk in the Chalk. She’s sharing her strategies for reaching ELLs in the classroom by

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