How to use Task Cards in your classroom

31 Terrific Ways to Use Task Cards with Your Students

Using Task Cards with Your Students Lately, a lot of teachers have been asking me about how they can use task cards with their students. One of the things I love about task cards is that they are a very versatile teaching tool – there are tons of ways to use them! So, I decided to do a round up of all of the ways I know

Teachers can use task cards for reinforcement, for enrichment, in groups, and more. Learn more about my recommendations for ways to use task cards in your classroom inside this blog post. I also give tips for implementing my recommendations!

Ways to Use Task Cards in the Classroom

Task cards are a great option for reinforcing skills and offering enrichment because, unlike worksheets, they can be used again and again. You can make your own to target specific areas and, of course, there are many for sale, including mine (pictured above). Print on card stock, ideally in color, but grayscale will work, too. If you laminate them, they will last for years. You

9 Ways to Use Task Cards

Our guest blogger today is Mary, who comes to us from M Moore Educational Resources. She’s sharing nine ways to use task cards, which have been highly successful in her classroom. Task cards are so versatile, even in middle and high school! They are great because students feel they have a choice in which task they do first, and in middle school this is a great

How are your students' inferencing skills? I'm guessing they aren't great, since many students struggle with making inferences. Our guest blogger shares about her "Think Deep Thursday" strategy, where she zeroes in on inferences and helps her students infer successfully!

Thinking Deep with Inferencing

Hi y’all! It’s Katie “Texas” from Rock and Teach. I’m a fourth grade teacher in the great state of Texas. I’m so excited to be guest blogging for the amazing Rachel Lynette! The topic I’ll be blogging about today is inferences. Sometimes I wonder why forming an inference is so hard for students. Evidence + Schema = Inference… That should be clear as day to our

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