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Have you tried pop-up books in your classroom? Your students will go crazy over these fun, interactive writing activities! Get all of your kids excited to write by trying out the pop-up books our guest blogger describes in this post.

Utilizing Pop-Up Books to Engage Your Student Authors

Hello! I am Jill from Coffman’s Creative Classroom. I am a third grade teacher who loves finding new and exciting ways to get my students engaged in their learning. Thank you, Rachel, for allowing me this great opportunity to share my ideas on your blog! We all know it is not an easy task to engage

What are some fun ways to use board games in the classroom?

How to Teach with Board Games

Please welcome today’s guest blogger, Amy from Teaching Ideas 4U. Her guest post about board games not only fits right in with our new “because learning should be fun” tagline, but it will also inspire you to let loose a little and teach in an unconventional way! Enjoy! Hello!  My name is Amy Mezni, and

Did you know that you can use fairy tales to teach a fully interdisciplinary STEAM unit? Read our guest blogger's explanation of how she used fairy tales--and the castles within them--to teach a STEAM unit that had her students reading, writing, building, imagining, speaking, listening, and more!

Caution: Castles Under Construction–Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead

Today’s guest blogger is Jennifer from  Stories and Songs in Second, a second grade teacher who is passionate about integrating musical moments and quality children’s literature across her curriculum. Read on to find out how she blends important science, math, social studies, and art concepts into her ELA fairy tale lessons! I’ve always loved fairy tales, and

Learn a few new methods for employing creative and critical thinking in your class. Despite a focus on reading, these can be used in any content area!

Creative and Critical Thinking

My name is Hillary Kiser, and I have been teaching for seven years now. Rachel was so sweet to allow me to be a guest on her blog and talk about Creative and Critical Thinking. Thank you, Rachel! I hope you all enjoy this post and learn a few things about incorporating creative and critical

fun classroom activities that students will look forward to

Market Day

Please welcome our guest bloggers for today, Deserae and Michelle of The Rigorous Owl! They’re a pair of teachers who have been doing something called Market Day in their classroom for a long time, and they want to walk you through setting up and facilitating your own Market Day for your students!   Want to

Cooking in the classroom is a fun--but often messy--activity that you can do to integrate all content areas. Of course, reading is integrated, but you can also teach things such as the scientific method, measurement, and even the history of foods!

Cooking in the Classroom

Hi there! I’m Rachel Haltiwanger from The Cozy Learning Cottage, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to post on Minds in Bloom! I’ve spent my whole teaching career teaching elementary English learners either here in the US or abroad, and one of my favorite ways to integrate content, language skills, and collaborative learning is

This post goes into details about six apps to use in your classroom to reach all readers. All of them have been used to improve reading comprehension and to master various reading strategies!

Apps to Reach All Readers

I’m Marion from Mentoring in the Middle, and I’m delighted to be guest blogging on Rachel Lynette’s Minds in Bloom!  Rachel was one of the first bloggers I started following way back when I was a blogging newbie, and she continues to serve as an example of what good blogging and product-making look like. Every

What are some fun activities for the last day of school?

Shaving Cream to Clean Desks

Hello from GrowingRoots! I’m an elementary teacher with a knack for streamlining classroom routines. Rachel, thanks for letting me share how two cans of  cheap-o shaving cream will save you from a necessary, yet gross, chore, PLUS keep crazy kids busy on the last day of school. As this year winds down, I’m sure you

Overwhelmed by all of the educational apps available? Our guest blogger has narrowed down her list to the only five apps you need. See what you think of the apps on her list!

The Only 5 Apps You Need

Hello Everyone! I am Erin from rrrErin2Learn and am so excited to be guest blogging for Minds in Bloom! I can’t remember life before I started focusing on ed tech in my classroom, but it was only two years ago that my technology administrator handed me a couple of iPads and the password to download

Being good at mathematics is often stigmatized and stereotyped. Learn how to encourage a growth mindset in mathematics in your child to prevent stereotype threat and self-induced poor math skills.

Encouraging a Growth Mindset in Mathematics

Hello! I am Mary Dournaee, a credentialed math and physics teacher. I am so excited to share some ways that teachers (and parents) can help develop a growth mindset among students. Thank you, Rachel, for allowing me this opportunity to share ideas on your blog! Sarah loves elementary school. Indoors, she’s getting messy with classroom

It's often hard enough to find time to squeeze in vocabulary instruction, and when you do find the time, it's a challenge to make it fun. Our guest blogger shares a variety of tips not only about how to make time for vocabulary instruction but also about ways to make vocabulary instruction engaging.

How to Make Vocabulary Instruction Engaging

Dawn is our guest blogger today, and she’s sharing her ideas on how to make vocabulary instruction engaging for our students. Read on to see what she suggests, and be sure to comment with which strategy you can’t wait to try in your classroom! Abolitionist, expedition, alliance, excerpt – all of these are words your

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