June 2016 - Minds in Bloom
Our guest blogger shares five excellent podcasts for teachers in this post on Minds in Bloom. She recommends podcasts that are either directly geared toward teachers and education or that discuss topics that teachers will find insightful and helpful.

5 Must-Listen Podcasts for Teachers

Please welcome Carly Speicher from Carly and Adam to Minds in Bloom today! Carly is sharing some teacher podcasts that are great resources for educators at all experience levels.   Do you listen to podcasts? My husband has recently gotten me on the podcast bandwagon. He mostly listens to business podcasts, but did you know that there are podcasts just for teachers?!   I have recently

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We all know that preventing summer slide is extremely important. This guest post shares a wealth of ideas for fun ways that parents can incorporate learning into everyday activities during the summer months.

Preventing Summer Slide

We’ve got a return guest blogger for you today, so please welcome Mary from NewMathTeacher back to Minds in Bloom! She’s got a great post about preventing summer slide for you. Looking for ways to encourage summer learning? Help parents prevent summer slide, the tendency for children to lose achievement gains, by building curiosity and exploration into summer plans. To feel successful children need ongoing

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Looking for ways to unwind this summer? Check out this list of five summer bucket list ideas for teachers. Real teachers share their input on how they're relaxing, getting away for a while, and enjoying this summer!

Five Summer Bucket List Ideas for Teachers

Today’s Minds in Bloom guest blogger is Jewel Pastor. She knows just how ready you are for summer break, because she’s prepared a list of five summer bucket list ideas for teachers! Are you a teacher looking for summer bucket list ideas? Well, look no further. Whether you have the money to splurge or not, it doesn’t matter; you can certainly find ways to make

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Our guest blogger shares a helpful guide on building loyalty in your students, which even includes building your brand! Learn some tried-and-true tips that were actually designed for businesses but can be successfully used in classrooms, too!

Building Loyalty in Your Students

Hi teachers! I’m Retta from Rainbow City Learning, and I’d love to share some ideas with you about building loyalty in your students as you think about how you’d like your teaching year to go. Thanks so much to Rachel for inviting me back! Loyalty is a feeling of strong support for something or someone. What could be better? Students who support you and what

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Cognitively Guided Instruction, or CGI, refers to focusing on the thought process behind solving math problems rather than the end results (in other words, the answer). There are three different ways to implement CGI, all of which are discussed in this post.

How to Implement Cognitively Guided Instruction in Your Classroom

Please welcome Nicole from Teacher0f20 to Minds in Bloom today! Nicole is sharing her insight on implementing cognitively guided instruction in the classroom. I love talking about CGI, because it is something on which my district is big, and it is something that I think I’ve successfully implemented in my classroom! CGI stands for Cognitively Guided Instruction, and it is a way to teach math by

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