differentiating literacy instruction using technology

Differentiating Literacy Instruction Using Technology

Hi!  My name is Jenny, and I am a reading specialist entering my 27th year of teaching.  I have spent a majority of those years helping students gain the skills and mindsets necessary to be confident and successful readers.  Two major components in teaching readers to be and feel successful are fostering reading engagement and knowing what your young readers need.  I have found a way to

Most books and stories provide ways to connect cooking to literacy. Open a new door to learning in your classroom by connecting cooking to literacy. Your students will love the opportunity to learn cooking skills while reading and making real-world connections.

How to Connect Cooking to Literacy

Please welcome Kristal to Minds in Bloom today. She’s sharing a fun guest post with us about how we can connect cooking to literacy. The next time you’re reading a book that talks about food, see whether you can incorporate cooking! Eating food can create experiences for us beyond nourishing our bodies. Oftentimes, we remember foods that were a comfort to our souls, that made

how can I keep classroom field trips more organized

Field Trip Binder

Hi! I’m Melinda from Tales of the Sassy Teacher. Today,  I am super excited to come to you as a guest blogger on Rachel Lynette’s blog! As a fan this is such a great honor.   I want to share with you something that I have started doing in my classroom that has really helped me with my field trips. It is a Field Trip

These Common Core-based literacy pages cover high-interest themes and help students improve ELA and reading skills. Your students will enjoy the challenge of these pages while practicing key reading strategies for growth.

Grab Your I Heart Literacy Freebie!

I’d love for you to try I Heart Literacy, so I whipped up a 5-page freebie (plus answer keys) to make it super easy! I Heart Literacy is a fabulous way to supercharge your ELA and reading skills review! Not only will students be practicing important standards, they will also be learning about curriculum-based topics as each page has its own high-interest theme! Skills are Common

Start the school year off strong by implementing these five tips to increase student engagement. Your classroom will run more smoothly than it ever has when you do things like give your students opportunities to move and show them how much you care about them.

5 Tips to Increase Student Engagement

Today, we’re welcoming a duo we’re sure you’ve heard of–the Wise Guys! They’re sharing their expert opinions on how you can increase student engagement in your classroom. All teachers struggle with classroom management. Whether it be the anxious student, or a class that can’t stop moving, teachers find themselves wondering what they can do differently. We have created a list of our top five tips

Transportation Day is a fun day outside where police, firefighters, school bus drivers, farmers, and more bring their vehicles for children to learn about and explore. Learn how Transportation Day works at this teacher's school, and get ideas for how you can start Transportation Day at your school.

Transportation Day for Kindergarteners

Please join me in welcoming Patty to Minds in Bloom today. Patty is sharing a tradition her school does: Transportation Day for kindergarteners. Read on to learn more about how Transportation Day works at her school and get ideas for how you might be able to start this fun day at yours. Every spring the kindergarteners get to see, feel, and hear about many kinds

Does it feel nearly impossible to you to create a positive, respectful classroom community? It might feel that way, but there are several strategies you can start implementing to do that. This post includes several great tips for creating a respectful classroom community.

Create a Positive, Respectful Classroom Community

When students come into your classroom, how do you want them to feel? Happy? Excited? Respected? Safe? All of the above? When you’re putting together anywhere from 15 to 30 different personalities in a classroom, it can be hard to help every student feel so positive. I’m Cait from Cait’s Cool School, and I’m excited to be here with you today to share some of

It may not seem like it, but project-based learning is the perfect way to meet all of your students' needs. There are a variety of ways in which project-based learning can be implemented and tweaked to do just that.

Make Project-Based Learning Fit Your Students’ Needs

Please enjoy this guest post from Matt of Digital: Divide & Conquer. He’s sharing a lot of really excellent insight into making project-based learning work for all learners.   We live in a world of projects. From our homes to schools, we are knee deep. It’s the reality of our lives. If the real world is filled of projects, shouldn’t a student’s classroom world be filled,

Despite what you may think, it is simple for general educators to integrate social language into their classrooms. There are structured ways to do so so that all students get practice, not just those with impairments or disabilities.

Integrating Social Language Ideas in the Classroom

Please welcome Heidi, a Speech Language Pathologist, to Minds in Bloom today. She’s sharing an insightful post about how all teachers can integrate social language concepts into their classrooms for the benefit of all learners. As a lead Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), I am often invited to IEP meetings in my large school district to help identify, develop, and support social language services for our

Have you heard of Boom Learning? Boom is an interactive task card app that allows your students to learn using technology in authentic ways!

Get Task Cards on Your Tablet, Smart Phone or Computer!

I am so, so excited about the Boom! Cards app, which allows students to use task cards on any mobile device or computer! You and your students are going to love them! You’ll love Boom because… It’s so easy and so effective! Boom comes with a suite of teacher tools. You can assign specific decks to individual students or the whole class. You can also

Implementing mindfulness strategies in the classroom can help calm both teachers and students. There are a variety of ways in which yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness techniques can be implemented in a classroom setting.

Bringing Mindfulness to the Classroom for Students and Teachers Alike

Today’s guest blogger is Lynea, and she has an excellent post about bringing mindfulness into the classroom. Please enjoy reading about a topic that you might not have ever realized is so important to the classroom environment. As a school counselor working with behavior disordered children with histories of trauma, I found that the children often came into class with sad things on their minds.

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