November 2016 - Minds in Bloom
You have a go-to resource, but sometimes you're not sure which is better: task cards or worksheets. This chart will help you determine best times for use.

Task Cards vs. Worksheets

I love task cards! I have made a ton of task cards, and I feel really good about having them in my TpT store because I know they are effective and can be used to get kids actively involved in their learning. But sometimes, I make worksheets (currently rebranded as “printables“), and then I don’t feel so good. Worksheets are often not the ideal way

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How do you boost student interest in a new novel? It can be challenging to do so, especially for students who dislike reading. Our guest bloggers share five excellent strategies for boosting student interest before starting a new novel. There are creative and engaging ways to spark high interest before reading!

5 Strategies to Boost Student Interest before Starting a New Novel

Today, Caitlin and Jessica from EB Academic Camps are sharing five strategies for boosting student interest before starting a new novel. Have you ever been so excited to start a new novel with your students – one you absolutely love and know they will, too – only to discover blank stares and a complete lack of interest? Frustrating, right? To combat this dilemma, we’ve tested

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Comic strips provide instantaneous differentiation, believe it or not! You can do a wealth of different assignments and activities using comic strips, mind maps, and storyboards. All of these lend to differentiating your instruction, engaging learners, and contributing to academic growth.

Comics to Differentiate Instruction

Please welcome Lauren Martin to the blog today! She’s sharing how to use comics to differentiate instruction and reach all learners. She understands the challenge of meeting the needs of all learners and wants to help all teachers effortlessly differentiate every day! Differentiating to meet the needs of struggling learners and Special Education mandates does not need to be time consuming or complicated. Comics are

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