With the Common Core State Standards, rigor is expected in math. However, adding rigor is often easier said than done. Our guest blogger shares six ways to add rigor to your math instruction, and they're all easy to implement! Click through to read all of her suggestions.

6 Ways to Add Rigor to Your Math Instruction

We’re thrilled to have Marine Freibrun from Tales of a Very Busy Teacher guest blogging for us again today! Marine has crafted an excellent post all about six ways to add rigor to your math instruction, so be sure to bookmark this page to come back to later! šŸ˜‰   Ā  Common Core Math Standards call for a new level of depth and complexity. Students

Mindfulness is an increasingly common buzzword in education, but it's for good reason. Dr. Erica Warren returns to guest post on Minds in Bloom with a post about how mindfulness promotes learning in the classroom. She shares strategies for teaching students mindfulness before testing, after conflict, and in other scenarios. Click through to read more.

How Mindfulness Promotes Learning: Superior Strategies for Success

Minds in Bloom is delighted to welcome Dr. Erica Warren back to the blog today! Dr. Warren is sharing an insightful post about how mindfulness promotes learning, including specific strategies teachers can employ. We know you’ll find this post really helpful, so enjoy! The metacognitive skill, mindfulness, is a gift you can teach your students, and it will serve them throughout their lives. Mindfulness is

Boom Learning and Teachers Pay Teachers have agreed to allow Boom Cards to be sold on TpT! Boom Cards are digital interactive task cards that you can use in your classroom - save time on printing and laminating! Click through to get more information!

Digital Task Cards from Boom Learning Now on TpT!

I am so excited because Teachers Pay Teachers and Boom Learningā„  Ā have both given us the green light to sell Boom Cardsā„¢ on TpT! What this means for you is that there is a good chance you already have access toĀ several Boom Card sets! That is because I have bundled access to the Boom Card version, along with the printable task card version, for over

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