Are you concerned that a student in your class has dyslexia? Our guest blogger in this post is sharing a free dyslexia screener that will help you determine if your student or child needs to receive formal evaluation. Click through to get more details about the screener and to learn more about supporting students with dyslexia.

Does My Student Have Dyslexia?

Minds in Bloom is thrilled to have Dr. Erica Warren back to the blog today. Dr. Warren is sharing information about screening students for dyslexia and how to support them if and when a formal diagnosis is given. Continue reading to learn more!   When considering the estimates that 1 in 10 people have dyslexia and that there are successful teaching methods available for this

How Can I get my students to listen in my classroom?

How to Get Your Students to Listen Without Yelling

We are so excited to have Tanya from The Butterfly Teacher guest blogging for us today! Tanya has written an excellent post about an important topic: getting your students to listen without yelling. Give her post a read, and we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! NOTE: As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. Let’s begin with a little visualization exercise: Imagine

Spring Fever Giveaway

Spring Fever Giveaway! Win a $200 TpT Gift Card!

Those of you who follow Minds in Bloom know I don’t do many group giveaways, but this one was just too good to pass up! I love this giveaway because you have many opportunities to win! Another great thing about this one is the prizes. You could win: A $200 Teachers Pay Teachers Giftcard A $100 Amazon Giftcard One of two $100 Teachers Pay Teachers

Putting the BOOM into Differentiation!

Minds in Bloom is excited to have Belinda Givens on the blog today! Belinda is sharing a great post with us all about differentiation using Boom Cards™ from Boom Learning, Inc. Enjoy her post below! We’ve all been there: small group intensive instruction and every student in the group is on a different level.  You have a student who is answering all the questions, eager to

Teaching idioms is an important part of every English language arts teacher's job. Our elementary students often don't know what idioms are or what they mean when they hear or read them. Additionally, teaching idioms is an essential skill for English Language Learners to master. This post shares fun ways to teach idioms as part of language acquisition. Click through to read more!

Teaching Idioms as Part of Language Acquisition

Minds in Bloom is thrilled to welcome Christine to the blog today. Christine, who is a former reading teacher and a current librarian, has written a great post about teaching idioms as part of language acquisition for us. Enjoy! The power of idioms can often be taken for granted. It is easy to think of them as “old sayings” and perhaps dismiss them as worn

There are so many life lessons to be taught when we read children's literature! Our guest blogger chooses a children's picture book and analyzes three life lessons it teaches in this post. It gets you thinking about exploring other pieces of literature to teach the themes and life lessons inside. Click through to get more ideas for teaching life lessons in the elementary grades!

Teaching Life Lessons with Children’s Literature

  Reach high! Reach high up!  Up to the top!  To life lessons!  It is the very reason we read.  Open a children’s book, and open a window to the world of wisdom.  Bringing the literary world to your students in the early years nourishes them in ways that they will hunger for more pages of worldly advice and admirable characters as they grow older. 

Paired passages are a truly effective tool for helping students improve their reading skills and comprehend a given topic. Rachel Lynette's Paired Passages Plus resource includes three reading passages on the same topic with text-dependent questions to encourage students to dig deeper. Click through to learn more about this English language arts resource!

Compare and Contrast with Paired Passages Plus!

I have heard from many of you who use my Text Time close reading passages that the paired passages have been particularly effective with your students. That is why I decided to make an entire paired passages product – actually, one better because there are three passages on the same subject instead of just two. That means that you can select any of the the

Ideas for the End of the School Year

70+ Awesome End of the Year Activities

The last few weeks of school are a great time to do some of the those fun enrichment activities that you may have had to put off in order to fit in all that is required. Make some memories, get outside, and start thinking about the long days of summer ahead, especially for the last day of school activities.  Here are Some Ideas for Your

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