What's a Math Workshop

What’s a Math Workshop?

Have you thought about hosting a Math Workshop in your classroom? It might sound overwhelming at first, but you’ll want to start one in your own classroom when you understand what a Math Workshop is. A Math Workshop is just an instructional format for teaching your standards! If you’re a self-contained teacher, you are probably already using a Readers or Writers Workshop with your students.

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How to Maximize Instructional Time in the Classroom

Hi! I’m Kelsey. Over my years of experience, I have learned that my time is valuable and I have to maximize the time I spend working in order to spend more time with my family and doing things I enjoy. I am a firm believer in having “me time”… because if I don’t make that time, it won’t happen since there’s always so much to

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It's Summer Break!

Hey Teacher! Relax! It’s Summer Break!

Summer Break is for Teachers too! It’s Summer Break!  Now what? I don’t know about you, but it can be hard for me to relax as I move into the summer months.  Yah, a big part of me wants to relax, but another part feels like I should be preparing for next year.  Let me stop you there! It’s Summer Break! Now What? It’s summer!

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5 Tips to Help Students Edit Their Writing

Hi, I’m Jamie Sears of Not So Wimpy Teacher. I am so excited to share these tips with you today on teaching students how to edit their writing! Teaching writing is my passion and I love helping teachers become more confident writing teachers.  Editing is a critical part of the writing process. It is what makes a piece of writing look good and make sense

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