Teacher Enneagram

Enneagram for Teachers – What are you doing this summer?

What Enneagram are You? So, maybe I am a little bit obsessed with the enneagram. It is just so weird to me how accurately the enneagram can describe my personality traits and characteristics! I thought it would be fun to share teacher feelings about summer through the enneagram. I’m a 3! What are you? This is a good site to test it if you don’t

teaching music in the classroom without a degree

Strategies for Teaching Music Without a Degree

Are you an elementary classroom teacher who is stressed about having to teach your own music? It’s easy for non-specialists to find music intimidating. With specialized symbols, unique vocabulary and theory, music is like a whole different language. How can you feel confident teaching a subject you don’t fully understand? My name is Kris, and I am a teacher and musical theatre performer who helps

how to help students avoid summer learning loss

Use Summer Reading to Avoid the Summer Slide!

Summer reading was my favorite part of summers as a kid! For all students, summer reading is a time where they get to read just for fun! School can be challenging for aspiring readers because in school, they often don’t get to choose their own books. My school had kids read within their AR levels for independent reading. But there is something innately special about

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