7 Strategies for Using Google to Digitize Your Worksheets

Go Digital! Have you been wondering how to digitize your worksheets in Google Classroom?

Check out these 7 ways to turn regular old worksheets into digital versions.

Perfect for saving paper and ideal for 1-to-1 classes or classes with Chromebooks!

Also, all these options use Google Apps for Education, which are FREE and can be used along with Google Classroom to manage all your students’ work.

Digitize Your Worksheets with these 7 Simple Strategies

These ideas are introduced from the easiest to the hardest to implement, but the easiest implementations are not always the best use of technology.

This is the SAMR model for technology integration. Content can be enhanced or transformed through technology.

The more transformational the implementation, the better! However, it’s okay to use technology as a substitute at times as well. As you read about each strategy for digitizing your worksheets, decide which level of the SAMR model it falls in.

1. Digitizing Your Worksheets – Quick and Easy Method

Start with a Digital Copy

YouTube video

Scan and Upload

Scan and upload your worksheets to Google Drive. Sometimes you may already have a digital copy, such as from Teachers Pay Teachers or Etsy.

Tip: Print and scan only the necessary pages to avoid sharing terms of use or answer keys with students.

2. Fully Digitize Your Worksheets, No Paper Needed

Google Slides for Digital Recording Sheets

Use Google Slides to create digital recording sheets. Students can use text boxes, draggable answer tiles, or circles to mark their answers.

Watch the Strategy 2 video to see how to use the free Google Slides template.

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3. Show Their Work Digitally

Digital Whiteboards and Snipping Tools

Use digital whiteboards and screen snipping tools. Students can snip their scores or strategies and paste them onto their recording sheets.

Watch the Strategy 3 video to learn how to use a recording slide for showing work.

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4. Self-Grading Worksheets with Google Forms

Quick and Automated Grading

Create self-grading worksheets using Google Forms. This method is quick to create and saves time on grading.

Watch the Strategy 4 video for a tutorial on creating self-grading worksheets.

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5. Self-Checking Digital Activities

Interactive and Engaging

Create self-checking activities by snipping questions into Google Slides and hiding images behind answer choices. Students reveal the correct answer by dragging the answer tile.


  1. Students collect images or stickers as rewards.
  2. Less overwhelming, focusing on one question at a time.
  3. Provides a platform for specific teacher and student feedback.
  4. Great for collaboration.

Watch the Strategy 5 video for a detailed guide.

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6. Digital Gameboards

Turn Worksheets into Games

Digitize your worksheets back turning them into digital gameboards. Use any worksheet questions as game cards. Digital tools like dice, pawns, and spinners make it engaging and easy to clean up.


  1. No need for physical question cards.
  2. Engaging and fun for students.
  3. All students can play simultaneously.
  4. Customizable themes to keep students interested.

Watch the video to see how to use digitize your worksheets using digital gameboards.

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Advanced Techniques: Differentiating Through Videos

Using Videos on Google Slides

Deliver Instructions: Record and upload video instructions for labs, math stations, or assignments. Students can re-watch as needed, ideal for absent students.

Test Corrections: Allow students to watch videos solving only the questions they missed. Use screencastify and a Wacom Tablet for recording.

Teach New Concepts: Students can move through the curriculum at their own pace with introductory lesson videos.

YouTube video

Digitizing Your Worksheets not only saves paper but also enhances the learning experience by incorporating interactive and engaging digital tools. Implement these strategies to transform your classroom and effectively manage student work in Google Classroom.

Want to learn more? Check out this post: 5 Steps to Create Self-Checking Activities with Google Sheets

What do you do in your classroom to help save paper? Share your knowledge with the crowd in the comments!

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