72 Creative Ways for Students to Show What They Know

72 Creative Ways to show what students know

Toss that Test Aside!

Innovation Presentation Ideas (projects for high school students or elementary students)

As we all know, students already get plenty of tests, so why not let your students show what they learned creatively? 

Whether your students are reading independent books or your class has just finished a unit on space or pioneers, a culminating project can really cement that learning. Whether you’re focused on building academics or building character, we have some great ideas!

Here are 72+ fun and creative activities for students to show what they know, including presentation ideas, simple service projects for schools, and community service projects. 

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  1. Create a poster
  2. Make a PowerPoint presentation
  3. Design a model
  4. Make a shoebox diorama
  5. Use a 3-panel display board
  6. Make a timeline
  7. Create a board game incorporating key elements
  8. Write a poem
  9. Write and perform a skit
  10. Make a TV or radio commercial
  11. Make a collage
  12. Make a mobile
  13. Create a test about the topic
  14. Make a word search
  15. Make a crossword puzzle
  16. Write a report
  17. Create a flow chart or diagram
  18. Write an interview of a relevant person
  19. Create questions and an answer key
  20. Write journal/diary entries
  21. Write a postcard or letter exchange
  22. Create a scrapbook
  23. Create a photo album
  24. Make an instructional video
  25. Give a presentation
  26. Create an interactive notebook
  27. Create a set of task cards
  28. Make a pamphlet or brochure
  29. Write a newspaper article
  30. Perform a puppet show
  31. Hold a debate
  32. Hold a mock court case
  33. Create an episode of a reality show
  34. Create a game show
  35. Have a panel discussion of “experts”
  36. Compose a rap or other song
  37. Use a Venn diagram to compare two aspects of the topic
  38. Design a comic strip about the topic
  39. Create a children’s story about the topic
  40. Create a map
  41. Write a fable or myth about the topic

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  1. Create a help wanted ad and a letter/resume to answer it
  2. Write a text message dialogue relevant to the topic
  3. Write a series of tweets relevant to the topic
  4. Create a Facebook wall relative to the topic
  5. Create a Pinterest board relative to the topic
  6. Start a blog
  7. Decorate a box and fill with relevant objects
  8. Create a foldable
  9. Create a flip book
  10. Create a Cootie Catcher
  11. Create a cereal based on the topic (cover a cereal box)
  12. Assemble a time capsule
  13. Create several bookmarks about different aspects of the topic
  14. Write a recipe relevant to the topic (good for showing causes of an event)
  15. Do a newscast
  16. Write an acrostic poem
  17. Create an Internet scavenger hunt
  18. Write an advice column with several problems related to the topic
  19. Create flash cards or trivia cards
  20. Create a cheer relevant to the topic
  21. Make a short documentary film
  22. Create a museum exhibit
  23. Create a top 10 list relevant to the topic
  24. Create a simple video game
  25. Make a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story
  26. Create a mini book with one fact/idea per page
  27. Create a glossary of relevant terms
  28. Make a paper chain with a different fact for each link
  29. Make a flower with a different fact for each petal
  30. Write a handbook or instruction book
  31. Create a newsletter
  32. Design a mural related to the topic
  33. Create a quiz show-style game for classmates to participate in
  34. Build a diorama using LEGO bricks or other building materials
  35. Develop a trivia board game related to the topic
  36. Create an infographic to illustrate key concepts
  37. Design a 3D model or sculpture using clay, cardboard, or other materials
  38. Create a short animation or stop-motion video about the topic
  39. Organize a class art gallery featuring artwork inspired by the topic
  40. Make a digital storybook or eBook on the topic
  41. Write a series of short stories or a novella related to the topic
  42. Create a virtual reality experience or simulation about the topic

10 Simple Service Projects for Schools

  1. Organize a school supplies drive for a local school in need
  2. Set up a creative activities workshop for students at a nearby preschool or kindergarten
  3. Create a community service project focused on environmental conservation
  4. Partner with a local food bank to organize a food drive
  5. Volunteer at a local food pantry to help distribute goods to those in need
  6. Plan a school-wide clean-up day to beautify the campus
  7. Organize a clothing or toy drive for a local children’s shelter
  8. Develop a tutoring program for younger students in need of academic assistance
  9. Coordinate a school-wide recycling initiative to promote sustainability
  10. Host a charity fundraiser event to support a cause important to your school community

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You can get 15 of these ideas with student instruction sheets and grading rubrics with Ready-to-Use Creative Book Reports.

Did we miss any of your favorite creative ways to show student learning? Leave it in the comments!

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