Use these literature worksheets with any book!

In addition to Minds in Bloom, I am also a Top Ten seller on I specialize in creating ready-to-use materials that can be implemented with little or no teacher preparation. My offerings are all highly rated and reasonably priced.

I have included a little information about each set of materials here, but there is much more information available, as well as free preview pages if you follow the link.

Creative and Critical Thinking

Analogy Practice
This bundle is 18 pages plus answer keys and includes:
-3 Multiple choice worksheets
-9 Themed fill-in-the blank worksheets
-1 Analogy Challenge worksheet
-3 Analyzing Analogies worksheets
-2 Finish/Create the analogies worksheets

Math Enrichment
This bundle is 20 pages plus answer keys
Reinforces basic skills in ways that require critical and creative thinking. Skills include:
– Addition and subtraction
– Regrouping
– Multiplication basic facts
– Multiplication operations
– Division
– Fractions
– Money
– Graphing
– Measurement
– Equalities
– Spatial/Geometry
– Story problems

Educational Scavenger Hunts

This bundle is 12 different scavenger hunts and includes:
-Library Scavenger Hunt
– Dictionary Scavenger Hunt
– Newspaper Scavenger Hunt
– Calendar Scavenger Hunt
– Internet Scavenger Hunt
– Classroom Scavenger Hunt (good for the start of the year)
– Kids in our Class Scavenger Hunt
– Food at Home Scavenger Hunt
– Math Scavenger Hunt
– Word Scavenger Hunt
– Nature Scavenger Hunt
-Creative Scavenger Hunt

200 Would You Rather Questions for Kids
Here are 200 appealing Would You Rather question, plus 2 worksheet templates that allow you to easily cut and paste the questions of your choice for a fun writing assignment.

Creative and Critical Thinking Activities
This bundle is 16 pages
-Lots of upper-level Blooms (analyze, synthesize, and evaluate), creative thinking, and logic.
-Great as homework or enrichment
-Fun and Challenging

More Creative and Critical Thinking Activities

This bundle is 16 pages plus answer keys
Another exciting set of great activities!

Any Book Literature Worksheets.
These worksheets can be used with almost any book. They are great when you don’t have a literature guide or when students are reading independently. You can use many of them over and over again throughout the year.

Literature Worksheets Grades 1-3
This bundle is 18 pages and includes:
-One pre-reading teacher approval worksheet
-Sixteen worksheets that can be used while reading or after reading the book
-One student handout of creative book projects.
Skills include: summarizing, characterization, plot, setting, creative thinking, critical thinking, and vocabulary

Literature Worksheets Grades 3-6

This bundle is 16 pages and includes:
-One pre-reading teacher approval worksheet
-twelve worksheets designed to be used at then end of a chapter
-Two worksheets for the end of the book
-One student handout of creative book projects
Skills include: summarizing, characterization, plot, setting, creative thinking, critical thinking and vocabulary.

More Literature Worksheets Grades 3-6
This bundle is 25 pages
Skills include: characterization, plot, main idea, summarizing, point of view, dialogue, similes, personification, homophones, synonyms, antonyms, creative and critical thinking, personal connection.

Nonfiction Exploration Worksheets
This bundle is 28 pages and includes:
– Pre-reading teacher approval form
– Pre-reading worksheets
– Practice using the glossary, index and maps and charts.
– Main idea and supporting details
– Note taking and summarizing
– Book Review and other End-of-Book activities
– Four, two-page Guided Book Reports for use with Biography, Animals, Countries, Culture/Tribe/Society
– Independent Project choices for each of the above kinds of books
– Rubric Assessment form to use with Independent Projects

More English Language Arts Materials

Use with Any List Spelling Activities
This bundle is 34 pages and includes:
-30 differentiated spelling worksheets
-2 homework activity sheets, each with several choices for spelling projects
-2 pages to use for pre and post spelling tests.
Skills include: syllables, prefixes/suffixes, alphabetical order, writing sentences, scrambles, codes, patterns, critical and creative thinking.

Language Extension Worksheets
This bundle is 16 pages and includes:
– Homonyms, synonyms and antonyms
– Simile, alliteration and onomatopoeia
– Compound words
– Contractions
– Common and Proper Nouns
– Singular and Plural Nouns
– Adjectives and adverbs
– Using a Thesaurus

Fun Comma Usage Practice Worksheets

This bundle is 18 pages of humorous comma practice. The sentences to be punctuated are sure to make your students giggle while they learn. This lighthearted approach is great for the reluctant learner, but probably not a good fit for conservative teachers. Be sure to download the preview before purchasing.

Shiloh Comprehension Worksheets
This bundle is 18 pages to be used with the novel Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
and includes:
-A pre reading worksheet
-12 Comprehension Worksheets – roughly one per chapter
-3 End-of-Book Worksheets (Cause and Effect, Characters, Plot Summary)
-A book vs. movie worksheet
-An Independent Project Grid with 9 choices

Other Great Resources

Single-Serving Cooking Projects in Pictures
Here is everything you need to cook with kids in a whole new way. Kids love these recipes because they they each get to make their own treat. Teachers love them because they promote independence, following directions, cause and effect relationships, reading, math and fine motor skills.
This bundle includes:
-Instructions and tips on how to best use the recipes with large groups
– Ten Colorful, Kid-Friendly, Single Serving Graphic Recipes
– Ingredient Labels
– Ingredient Request Form

300+ Teacher Tips
Here are over 300 Teacher Tips categorized alphabetically and listed in a quick-to-read bulleted format. Some of the tips are basic for new teachers, but many may be ones you haven’t seen before.

Tools for Classroom Management

This bundle provides tools and activities to use throughout the school year, as well as some activities for the first week. Everything is “ready to use” but can also be easily edited. This packet would be ideal for a new teacher or an experienced teacher who would like some new ideas.

Is there a product that you would really like to see that is not here? Please tell me about it! I am always interested in new product ideas.

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