Save your Precious Time

Why I love this resource:

  • It’s autofill. You only have to type your data in once, and then all the checklists and forms are automatically filled out!
  • All the checklists are in one file.  No more digging through files and folders when you want to print one.
  • The design is simple so that it can go with pretty much any classroom theme.
  • It’s on Google, so it can be accessed from any computer!
  • It’s easy to use & set up! Just type in your student data and you’re ready to print!
  • Everything can be placed in a binder!

► Watch the video to learn how to use the file

Why am I Giving this away?

I spent a LONG time creating this resource! But it was very useful to me, so I wanted to share it with you too! I’m sure you were hesitant when you typed your email address into that form and joined my circle of teacher friends! I don’t take that lightly! I want you to know that I’ve been in your shoes, and now that I’m not anymore, I am spending all of my work time trying to be a source of support for you! It’s my goal to help you get your nights and weekends back to spend on what makes you happiest!

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