Ideas for the End of the School Year

70+ Awesome End of the Year Activities

The last few weeks of school are a great time to do some of the those fun enrichment activities that you may have had to put off in order to fit in all that is required. Make some memories, get outside, and start thinking about the long days of summer ahead, especially for the last

how can I be better at classroom management?

Effective Classroom Managers Do These 5 Things

Today’s guest blogger is Leah from What’s New with Leah. Her post is all about the five essential steps that the most effective classroom managers take to ensure they’re maintaining a safe environment conducive to learning in their classrooms.   I’ll never forget my first teaching job. It was at a troubled urban school. I

Teachers have the opportunity to have enormous impact on their students. Our guest blogger shares how you can change a student's life by investing in their self-esteem in this post. Click through to read her story.

Change a Student’s Life with Only 25 Cents

Minds in Bloom is excited to have Jordyn from Grade 5 Greatness guest blogging today! Please enjoy her heart-warming story about how she changed a student’s life by believing in his ability to succeed.     What do report cards, Honduran money, and believing in someone have in common?   My school created a program

What are some good ideas to build classroom community?

Build Classroom Community – A Giant List of Ideas!

Our Favorite FREE tool! Check out this post to learn all about Trello for teachers! It’s FREE, easy, and our favorite tool to keep organized! As the teacher, you are the primary architect of your classroom culture. You make the rules. You decide which behaviors are rewarded – even subtly with a smile or a few encouraging words –

How to Increase Mindfulness in the Classroom

How Mindfulness Promotes Learning: Superior Strategies for Success

Minds in Bloom is delighted to welcome Dr. Erica Warren back to the blog today! Dr. Warren is sharing an insightful post about how mindfulness promotes learning, including specific strategies teachers can employ. We know you’ll find this post really helpful, so enjoy! The metacognitive skill, mindfulness, is a gift you can teach your students,

Start the school year off strong by implementing these five tips to increase student engagement. Your classroom will run more smoothly than it ever has when you do things like give your students opportunities to move and show them how much you care about them.

5 Tips to Increase Student Engagement

Today, we’re welcoming a duo we’re sure you’ve heard of–the Wise Guys! They’re sharing their expert opinions on how you can increase student engagement in your classroom. All teachers struggle with classroom management. Whether it be the anxious student, or a class that can’t stop moving, teachers find themselves wondering what they can do differently.

Does it feel nearly impossible to you to create a positive, respectful classroom community? It might feel that way, but there are several strategies you can start implementing to do that. This post includes several great tips for creating a respectful classroom community.

Create a Positive, Respectful Classroom Community

When students come into your classroom, how do you want them to feel? Happy? Excited? Respected? Safe? All of the above? When you’re putting together anywhere from 15 to 30 different personalities in a classroom, it can be hard to help every student feel so positive. I’m Cait from Cait’s Cool School, and I’m excited

Implementing mindfulness strategies in the classroom can help calm both teachers and students. There are a variety of ways in which yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness techniques can be implemented in a classroom setting.

Bringing Mindfulness to the Classroom for Students and Teachers Alike

Today’s guest blogger is Lynea, and she has an excellent post about bringing mindfulness into the classroom. Please enjoy reading about a topic that you might not have ever realized is so important to the classroom environment. As a school counselor working with behavior disordered children with histories of trauma, I found that the children

Mystery Trash is a quick game that you can play with your class to get your room cleaned up in a jiffy. Our guest blogger shares how to play in this guest post and gives tips on how to keep the trash items secret from your students!

Mystery Trash

Today, Minds in Bloom is welcoming back Steph from Forever in Fifth Grade. She’s sharing a fun activity that you can do at the end of every day to make sure your room gets cleaned up. Your students will love it!   I’m so excited to be guest blogging for a second time and talking

Our guest blogger shares a helpful guide on building loyalty in your students, which even includes building your brand! Learn some tried-and-true tips that were actually designed for businesses but can be successfully used in classrooms, too!

Building Loyalty in Your Students

Hi teachers! I’m Retta from Rainbow City Learning, and I’d love to share some ideas with you about building loyalty in your students as you think about how you’d like your teaching year to go. Thanks so much to Rachel for inviting me back! Loyalty is a feeling of strong support for something or someone.

Task cards are an incredible instructional tool, but they're really taken to the next level when you're intentionally lesson planning with task cards. This post guides you through five questions to ask yourself when you're planning to incorporate task cards so that both you and your students get the most out of using them in class.

5 Questions to Ask When Lesson Planning with Task Cards

One of the nice things about task cards is that they can be used without a lot of preparation or planning as a filler activity, at centers, or when you have a sub. Those activities can be real lifesavers (especially when you are having one of those weeks), but by taking a more intentional approach,

Does the task of organizing centers make you feel faint? It doesn't need to thanks to the five tips shared by our guest blogger! Click through to read this blog post full of five useful tips to help make organizing centers a breeze - for both you and your students!

5 Tidy Tips for Organizing Centers in Your Classroom

Hi! I’m Jamila, and I am a certified K-5 educator and instructional coach and K-8 certified administrator who has been educating youngsters and supporting teachers since 1997! Today I’m excited to guest blog and share some great “Tidy Tips” that will help make organizing centers a snap! The most frequent question I hear from newbie

How can I use humor and laughter as a teaching tool for my students?

5 Ways to Use Humor in the Classroom

My name is Jeanine, and I am the girl behind the giggles at Third Grade Giggles! I am so honored to be guest blogging for Minds in Bloom, especially about my favorite topic: LAUGHTER! Charlie Chaplin said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted,” and I couldn’t agree more! But can laughter really be

What are some ideas to make learning fun for my students?

10 Ways to Make Learning Fun and Engaging

Hi there! My name is Heather, and I blog over at HoJo’s Teaching Adventures! We all know that in today’s high stakes testing world, it can be hard to make learning fun and engaging. That’s why I want to share 10 ways to make learning fun with all of you here at Minds in Bloom

Brain Breaks are a popular topic here on Minds In Bloom, so I'm adding a new twist to them: Mystery Brain Breaks! Your students will love the surprise!

Try Mystery Brain Breaks

This is one of my favorite ways to manage Brain Breaks during the school day. Not only does it add a degree of mystery your students will love, but it also encourages good behavior as they are working for their Bonus Brain Break all day long. Before the school day begins, choose as many Brain

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