With the ever-increasing emphasis on testing, so too rises test anxiety. Help your students overcome their test anxiety with these brain-based tips.

6 Tips for Fighting Test Anxiety

Today’s guest blogger is Ellen from Brain Leaders and Learners. She’s sharing her six favorite tips for helping students to overcome test anxiety. Spring sends a refreshing new lilt into some students’ steps. Daylight stretches into late evening, outdoor events replace closed-in classes, and young friendships tend to blossom into new life for many students. Have you seen it? Why, then, does winter’s melt into

Rachel Lynette participates in a book study of Unshakeable by Angela Watson. Read Rachel's key takeaways and click through to see what else the book has to offer.

Unshakeable: Incorporate Playfulness and Have Fun with Learning

Teaching is serious business, now more than ever. With Common Core standards, less and less recess time, an overwhelming number of high-stakes tests, and, of course, the many challenges students bring to the classroom on a daily basis, it really can’t be anything else…..or can it?   NOTE: As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases.   I would argue that even in today’s challenging

Every teacher wants to help struggling students, but we don't always know how. This post describes how struggling students may be lacking certain processing skills that would make them more successful. Learn what they are and how to address the issues.

What Your Struggling Students Need You to Know

Today’s guest blogger is Cherice from Inner Pieces Gallery. She’s using her background as an educational therapist to provide some tips on reaching our most struggling learners to help them succeed.   Do you ever feel like some students in class are unreachable? Even though you believe all children can learn, sometimes they arrive at your classroom door not knowing how to read at the

Departmentalizing is old news in some schools and a new classroom approach in others. Our guest blogger shares her story of how her team started departmentalizing classes and the success they had in doing so.

Trying a New Classroom Approach

How excited am I to be here!? I am Melanie from Momma with a Teaching Mission. I am a first grade teacher in Maryland. I teach on a departmentalized team. Departmentalized means teaching one subject to the entire grade level, instead of teaching multiple subjects to the same group of 20 kids. Are you a stressed out elementary school teacher? OF COURSE YOU ARE! Who

Classroom Management: Using Positive Strategies

Positive Behavior Management Strategies for the Primary Classroom

Hi there, everyone! My name is Marine Freibrun. Elementary school teacher, mom, wife, and blogger! I am the author of Tales from a Very Busy Teacher. I am so honored and excited to be writing a guest post for Minds in Bloom today! I am sharing TEN positive behavior management tips for the primary classroom with you today.   Classroom/behavior management is one of the

ideas for using clothespins in the classroom

8 Tips for Using Clothespins in the Classroom

Today’s guest blogger is Lori from Teaching Tykes. She’s sharing her top eight tips for different ways to use clothespins in the classroom. I bet you’ll be surprised by some of her suggested uses! I love Clip Cards and clothespins! I have 280 clip card products in my TpT store! C’mon, who is not addicted to the way clothespins open and close? Clothespins are inexpensive and

Minds in Bloom had a wealth of great posts in 2014, but these 10 take the cake as the best posts of 2014. Click through to our Pinterest board to see all of the posts!

Minds in Bloom: Best Posts of 2014

Here is a little round up of the best Minds in Bloom Posts of 2014! Each of these posts has had over 10,000 page views, and many have gotten quite a few more than that! As you can see, most of them are guest posts, which is awesome! You will find a wealth of information here, and if you like something, then be sure to

Classroom Management: Tips from a Tiger Teacher

Classroom Management Tips from a Tiger Teacher

Hi! My name is Cindy Lee of Ainslee Labs, and, like the Tiger Mom, I come from an Asian family and find myself influenced by the more disciplined culture of Korea, even though I grew up in the United States. A co-worker recently commented, “Mrs. Lee is old school, but it works.” A bit about my background: I’m currently on my 9th year of teaching special education in an

parent communication

Parent Communication: Easy and Convenient Tools that Keep Parents Informed

Minds in Bloom is pleased to welcome Tasia from Great Minds Teach Alike! Tasia has written a fantastic post about how you can use social media networks for parent communication. Lets face it: With all the responsibilities of being an educator, communicating with parents usually falls to the bottom of the bottomless list of things a teacher has to do. I’ve found that with the

Our guest bloggers, Mollie and Amy, share how they totally rearranged their classroom in order to encourage more collaboration and self-directed learning. The reviews are in: It's a hit with their students and their students' parents!

New Classroom Set Up: Encouraging Self-Directed Learning and Collaboration

Hi! We are Mollie and Amy from Two Nutty Teachers Teachin’ from the Same Tree, and we have been playing the “What If” game for quite some time… What if we completely emptied our classrooms and created a new environment that felt inviting, comfortable, and highlighted all of the things we feel are key to student success? This year we finally got brave and took

Our guest blogger shares her tips on how to effectively manage small group instruction. Her tips focus specifically on reading and math centers and small group instruction built into those center stations.

Small Group Instruction

Minds in Bloom presents Laura of First Grade Spies, with her post on small group instruction. Enjoy! I love working with small groups of students! Working with small groups gives me the opportunity to really get to know my cutie pies, to gently guide them through their journey of discovery. It’s such a great feeling to be sitting in the “front row” and seeing that

how to teach my students to set their own learning goals

Teach Your Students to Set Learning Goals and Boost Learning

Minds in Bloom is happy to present Jen Bradshaw, the author of TeacherKarma, with her inspiring and informative post. We know you’ll find it useful!   Boost learning by teaching students to set their own goals. For the past six years, I have had the opportunity to be a Literacy Coach and RtI (Response to Intervention) Specialist on a kindergarten through fifth grade elementary campus.

What are some ways to teach classroom rules to students?

Introduction to CHAMPS

Minds in Bloom presents Literacy without Worksheets with her post on classroom management. Enjoy! Classroom management can be one of the most challenging aspects of teaching.  As teaching becomes more stressful with increased accountability standards and high-stakes testing, a well-managed classroom is key to maximizing student learning opportunities.  The more time teachers have to spend correcting behaviors and getting students’ attention, the less time students have to learn (and this leads

Read the advice that this teacher (and parent) has for helping struggling students to grow. She provides 10 tips for promoting and encourage growth in struggling students.

10 Ways to Help Struggling Students Grow

Minds in Bloom is happy to introduce our readers to Jennie of A House Called Home with her inspiring post on helping struggling students.   I have three daughters. They were each adopted out of foster care around the age of nine. They all had something in common: They hated to work. I heard the excuses as to why they couldn’t do it, and I

Improving behavior management is a real challenge, but it doesn't have to be. Read this post for a how-to of implementing a student incentive store!

Improving Behavior Management with a Student Incentive Store

Minds in Bloom is happy to present Erin Beers of Mrs. Beers’ Language Arts Class with her post on improving behavior management.   With the beginning of the school year comes excitement, anxiety, and a yearning for wanting order as soon as possible.  While classroom and behavior management differs greatly in the various school and classroom settings, it is an essential component to running a successful learning environment with

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