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If there's anything we need in schools, it's teacher time savers! Our guest blogger shares a variety of different tips and tricks that help teachers save time and keep their classrooms organized. Click through to read all of her tips for teacher time savers!

Teacher Time Savers

I’m Susanna from Whimsy Workshop Teaching, and I’m  thrilled to be back sharing more ideas with you today! This time I want to pass along some teacher time savers. There are many new ideas that I come across or create myself that truly improve the efficiency and productivity in the classroom. I often wish I’d discovered them when I first started teaching; I could have

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Student-led conferences provide students, parents, and teachers the opportunity to experience the student's mindset and wishes. Our guest blogger shares five extraordinary student-led conferences she's experienced as a teacher. Click through to read all of these touching stories.

5 Reasons to Love Student-Led Conferences

A student gave her dad her straight-A progress report and pointed out that she is ranked number one in her class. He put his hand on his chest, started to cry, and said something in Spanish that I couldn’t understand, but it made the student and her siblings hug him and burst into tears. A transgender boy, who is failing everything and struggling with peers’

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Are you using brain breaks in your classroom? If not, then you should consider learning more about why they're so beneficial - which I explain in this post! You'll also learn more about a set of 60 brain break cards that I can make, all of which take less than five minutes and provide a great opportunity for students to move and recharge their brains. Click through to learn more!

Brain Breaks for Squirrelly Students

  Brain breaks are so, so so important! According to pediatric occupational therapist, Loren Shlaes, When we are forced to sit still for long periods, we are either in one of two states: the just right state, meaning that our bodies can support our ability to stay present by remaining effortlessly aroused and upright, or in a sensory needs state, which means that we cannot attend because our bodies

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Many teachers avoid using partners, but in reality, partners in the classroom make a great learning tool! Read these eight reasons to use partners, shared by our guest blogger, and decide which partner activities might work best for your students!

8 Reasons to Use Partners in Your Class Today!

You are in for a treat!  Please welcome Brandi of My Teacher Friend.  Today she shares some practical advice about pairing up students and included an adorable freebie!  Thank you, Brandi. Partnering students for on-the-spot discussions can be a powerful tool in your classroom. Why take the time and do the work to establish partnerships in your classroom? In my experience, partnering can be a

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Classroom management is a struggle for all teachers, even if only occasionally. Our guest blogger shares what an incredible impact she saw by incorporating art in classroom management with her students. Click here to read the amazing help that art was, how she uses a cool down area, and other recommendations!

Art in Classroom Management

Please welcome Christi of Digraphs, Decimals, Discoveries!  You’ll love her post today about using art as a method of classroom management.  These ideas create a caring classroom environment.  Thanks for sharing Christi! Sometimes children can’t find the right words or actions to deal with their emotions. In many cases, children are still learning what emotions are and how to deal with the overwhelming feelings that

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Student-led conferences are a game-changer for improving classroom behavior and strengthening parent-teacher-child relationships. Oh, and they're an amazing way to strengthen students' self-confidence! Learn more about how student-led conferences work in this guest post on Minds in Bloom.

Make a REAL Impact on Student Learning with Student-Led Conferences!

Minds in Bloom is excited to welcome Jan from Dragon’s Den Curriculum to the blog today! Jan is sharing with all of us the wonderful benefits of student-led conferences and why she thinks these should be come the new norm for parent-teacher conferences.   Many, many thanks to Rachel for allowing me to be a guest blogger! Yuck! It’s that time of year again. Conferences!

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As every teacher knows, the start of the school year is the best time to teach classroom procedures. Read these classroom procedure tips and get free resources like a checklist and task cards for classroom procedures.

Classroom Procedure Tips and Resources

  Fortunately, this can be avoided by making sure your students know exactly what to do at any point during the day, in any situation that might come up. That means that you need to have a procedure in place for EVERYTHING. Here are some ideas about how to accomplish this oh-so-important, and somewhat daunting, task: Plan Ahead: Make a List Begin by making a

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Sometimes, teachers need creative ways to manage minds in bloom. Youngsters respond well to classroom management tools that use positive reinforcement and that are fun, catchy, and attainable. Read this pair of teachers' suggestions for managing minds in bloom!

Managing Minds in Bloom

Hi there, Minds in Bloom readers! Thanks so much for having us! We feel incredibly honored and smarter just being invited here! We have a little confession to make: Minds in Bloom was one of the very first blogs we ever discovered in this world of edublogs…and we’ve been stalking reading it ever since! We are Christy and Tammy from Fluttering Through First Grade. We’re visiting today to

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Positive reinforcement is almost always more effective than negative reinforcement. Try out random reward in your classroom and see how it reaps the benefits for classroom management!

The Power of Random Reward in Your Classroom

  Random reward is a huge motivator. It’s why many adults play slot machines and why many children with inconsistent parents whine endlessly (because, every so often, the parents give in, and they get what they want). If you reward a given behavior every time, your students are likely to get bored. Further, since you are rewarding often, the reward itself is probably not all

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