dyslexia screener

Does My Student Have Dyslexia?

Minds in Bloom is thrilled to have Dr. Erica Warren back to the blog today. Dr. Warren is sharing information about screening students for dyslexia

comics to differentiate instruction

Comics to Differentiate Instruction

Please welcome Lauren Martin to the blog today! She’s sharing how to use comics to differentiate instruction and reach all learners. She understands the challenge

Differentiation has become a huge buzzword in the education field in the last several years, but what many teachers don't realize is that they're probably already differentiating their instruction! Our guest blogger shares four tips for differentiating instruction in this blog post, so click through to learn more.

Differentiation Made Easy

Hello!  My name is Heather from My Life at the Pencil Sharpener, and I am so excited to have the wonderful opportunity Rachel has given

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