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So, I am moving this week! Thanks to all of you wonderful TpT buyers, I was able to purchase this awesome house for myself and my family (which consists of my daughter, a high school junior; my son, a college sophomore who is only home on breaks–but still needs a room; my sweetie and his two girls, ages 14 and 10, who are with us every other weekend; and a somewhat senile cat). It has a big daylight basement for the kids and is in a great neighborhood. We’ve already met the neighbors, and they are so nice. And two of them are teachers! We are also just a few minutes’ ride from a fabulous bike trail; you can ride all the way into Seattle one way or into Redmond (which I wouldn’t have mentioned except that Bill made it famous) if you go the other way. Thank you all so much for making this possible. Beyond being able to buy a house, I am truly honored that you have chosen to use my products with your students.


But the real reason for this post is I was wondering if could help me out. Since I won’t have time to blog for the next few days, I am hoping to crowd source some classroom management tips, either for the end of this year or for starting next year. I would be thrilled if you would leave a comment with your favorite classroom management tip. And, of course, if you have a blog you are welcome to leave a link.


I’m looking forward to reading your tips and I am sure that other Minds in Bloom readers will find them valuable.


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