DIY Transparent Splash Guards for Students

Things We've Never Had to Think About When Planning for Back to School

I’ve planned for A LOT of back-to-schools, and never once have I had to consider masks, face shields, sanitization schedules, spacing desks, and the list goes on.  We are in uncharted territory, for sure! For those of you that will be headed back to the classroom, masks are something you’ll have to consider.  I’m sure most of your students will bring their own masks to class, but you might want to have some back up masks, or even make shift face shields on hand. This DIY transparent splatter shield is very quick to make and doesn’t cost much either.  While this definitely shouldn’t replace masks specifically designed to protect yourself and others from airborne illnesses, it can add an extra layer of protection or can be used only for specific learning objectives that require students to see the teacher’s face or the teacher to see the students’ faces. (Think phonological awareness!) Check out the video to watch me put one together! (By the way, check with your school as to whether splash guards will be allowed. While some districts are allowing some or all students to replace a splash guard with a traditional mask that covers the mouth and nose, many are not. I don’t want you to waste your time and energy if you can’t use them!)

The DIY Transparent Splash Guard Inspiration

My daughter came home from theater practice a couple weeks ago wearing a transparent face “mask”. When I saw it, I immediately thought about creating a DIY version out of laminating pouches. 

Well, as soon as I got the materials I needed, I threw it together, and my idea worked!  Turns out, it is really easy to make a splash guard!

IMPORTANT: This probably goes without saying, but… This hasn’t been tested for effectiveness in preventing the spread of viruses. It isn’t designed to provide effective protection against any airborne disease or illness. Masks designed to reduce airborne illnesses should not be completely replaced by splatter-shield type masks. 

Check out a quick video where I'll walk you through making your own!

Materials List

  • Lamination Pouches
  • Elastic
  • Self-sticking foam
  • Stapler, Scissors, and Ruler

I bought materials off of Amazon.  You can pick up these materials at your local department or home improvement store as well. 

Creating Your DIY Transparent Face Shield

This was soooooo easy!

The first thing you’ll want to do is heat up your laminator and run an empty pouch through it.  If you use the 5mL setting, it will get hotter and give you a more transparent finish.

Next, measure a strip of elastic to comfortably fit the head of your student.  Add a couple of inches to your measurement and cut the elastic into a strip of that length.

Now, staple the elastic onto the plastic.  Fold over the ends of the elastic about 1 inch before stapling for extra durability.  The closer you staple to the edge of the plastic, the more contoured around the face the mask will be.

Lastly, cut a strip of the foam to about 1 inch by 10 inches.  Remove the adhesive backing and attach it to the plastic along the top edge.  Make sure you tuck the extra fold of elastic under the foam..

That’s It! 🙂 Now all that’s left is to make your shield, take a selfie wearing it, and tag me on Instagram @CassiNoackTeach

LOL!!! I wanna see!!!!

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