Fact Swap Freebie!

Here is a fun game you can play with your class to review a unit you are studying or maybe to debrief after a guest speaker, a field trip, or a lesson in which a lot of information has been presented. You could actually play this game on notebook paper or by having students draw a nine-square grid on their papers, or you could download this free game sheet here.


To play, have each student write down three facts about the subject at hand. The more original the fact, the better; you don’t want everyone to have the same facts for this game.

Once everyone has three facts, allow students to mill around the room trading facts with their classmates in order to get six more facts. In order to get a new fact, a student must trade one from the top of his or her sheet. Students can only trade one fact with each person, so each fact must come from a different classmate. You might want to have students write the name of the student the fact came from under the fact.

When you are done, each student should have nine different facts.

Here are some ways to extend the activity:

  • Allow everyone to share one fact
  • Graph the facts to see how many are duplicates, which is the most popular, how many are completely original, etc.
  • Have each student write one neatly on a fact circle (basically a round piece of construction paper) and post them on a bulletin board.
  • Turn the facts into questions and give a quick quiz to the class.
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